Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse

Disaster Relief Macon, Georgia Tornadoes

Providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world, since 1970. Never thought I would meet those guys or should I say, "need those guys"?

When many Maconites could not help themselves? Their homes, autos and yards destroyed. Their lifestyles would be changed, within a matter of two or three hours. I am talking about a community, that prior to this had been spared. There were pine and oak trees, three feet in diameter, snapped like a match stem, after multiple tarnadoes touched down, 11 May 2008, Mother's Day. While Maconites, quitely slept, little did they know, one of the worse disasters in its history, would reduce them to having to literally crawl to get in and out of their homes and communities.

I was staying at the home of a friend when I heard all the comotion. I was thinking severe thunders storms, as I was awakened by the sounds of high winds, heavy rain, thunder clashing, trees cracking, and sharp lightening everywhere. Severe thunder storms or... I got up, walk to one the doors, only to learn a tree had crashed through the roof. It was about that time I heard the early warning alarm. The huge tree had fallen across three rooms and a porch. The weather was still too dangerous to open a door to look further outside. It was pitch black while we salvaged what we could and at the same time, thanking God that we not injured. After an hour or two the bad weather subsided and daylight came.

Boy, I could not believe the damage done. We were trapped within our community. Power lines were down and vehicles were trapped under trees. All the power is out. Roads in and around our community were all blocked. The only thing I could think to do was look for a way out or in. How can emergency vehicles get to us? What if someone is injured. So I walked and I walked and no openings large enough to drive through were anywhere near.

I will not drag this out, but it happens every year, and for too often, not to have a plan. I guess we never think it will be us. We force public places to have an emergency evacuation plan, but not our homes and communities. I guess we think, it will never catch us at home. .

That is what I was

With all the property damage and quick need for repairs, price gougers were lurking all about and very few neighbors willing to give a hand and Semaritan's Purse was right there.

I also understand there were other disaster relief organizations but Samaritan's Purse, was the only one, I personally experienced.

Samaritan's Purse did not concern themselves with race, position nor power, not as far as I could see. As long as you had your house on their list, they did their very best to get to you.

Samaritan's Purse, quickly helped bring order to chaos. That is the kind of help you seriously need during any disaster. The only sad part is that, it took this disaster for me to see that. Now, it further confirms God is alive and he does care.

Members came from all over the United States and worked in yards like slaves, removing dangerous debris, relieving stress and lord knows, the work they saved.

They did all of that and did not ask for one red penny. They refused to take money. It was an eye opening experience to have them working in my yard. Yes, during our time of need, somebody did come by. Now, I know some where, they are getting paid and they really deserve it.

We are commanded to do all we can to help those who are genuinely in need.

Local Churches and Organizations I was one of the first to break out my chain saw and start clearing roads so emergency crews could get to us, I got to see the first responders in our area. You were there during our time of need. Local churches read more...

The Red Cross was there doing their thing and they are greatly appreciated. Clay Adkins, a Red Cross representative, was a great help in our community.

They came around, asked what was needed and quickly responded accordingly, with tarps, water, food, clothing and other emergency items.

I sincerely hope our minority churches learn a valuable lesson from this experience. In the time of need, will they be there?

Local and Community Leaders What local and community leaders? Read more...

Minority Women in particular What minority women reached out during the disaster? read more...

Youth Minority youth in particular. Where were our black youth? Read more...

Insurance Companies I really got to see State Farm in Action and I have nothing but great things to say about their representatives. Now, I have one comment: Any electrical or electronic devices or appliance, proven to have been submerged in water during the disaster, must be thrown out, without question. When asked to plug them in, to see if they play, you are taking a dangerous chance.

The real question you face, is this: What is your goal in life? Is it to please God - or to please yourself? Open your heart and let love rule your heart and action. I did and I also asked for help to save my businesses.

In addition to the families I helped, Samaritan's Purse helped me, so I, in turn, I joined on with them to help even more families.

I got the Hat, T-Shirt, The Billy Graham, Rapid Response Team Bible, The Billy Graham Training Center Bible, The Key to Personal Peace, all which are time tested answers to your toughest questions.

I also "worked like a slave" :-) Pulling dangerous debris, operating chain saws and fellowshipping with the men, men I consider real men. Not because of position, power and money but because of their willingness to help. All we wanted to do was Help and have fun doing it. I thank God for the other men and women who helped maintain the command post. Meals were hot and delicious. I will never forget the Sour Cream Banana Bread, toilets and facilities were kept clean and all seemed happy and eager to serve and above all, At Peace.

It is amazing how ONE MAN contributed so much to helping others, not just the bibles, but the rapid response teams, disaster relief efforts, the equipment and willing man-power to come out and help total strangers, cities, communities, families and individuals, who did not have the wherewithall to help themselves.


I am happy to say, I am with you and had the opportunity to work with you, during your time of need.

A ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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