Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee

John McCain, Barack Obama, Candidates

town hall style, Tom BROKAW, Moderator

Time Management?

Long answers, more than two minutes?

No simple solutions, but what is complicated about Change when people want change? Do they not know the difference?

Fighting, who has been fighting the longest? Who has the most experience?

The longer you spend answering one question the fewer questions asked? McCain, yes; but has experience made a difference in previous elections? Yes, we voted for more experience. Now, look at where we are. Then, what and where is the change?

Who is Cool Hand Luke? It used to be Barack, but tonight, John McCain showed a side of him I did not think he was capable of expressing. I did not think McCain had a cool sensitive side.

What you don't know and how will you learn? I know what all of us don't know.

The tough debate made me think, if you can not manage time, how can you manage the country? Though both candidates are quite capable and did an excellent job responding, there were too many time violations and long answers. I guess a good debate is about who can demand the most time and attention.

John McCain is pretty convincing and has convinced me that he wants to make this election about Barack Obama.

Undecided voters 2008?

Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 ...

The Underdog

2008 Vice Presidential Debate

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