The Underdog

Presidential Hopeful 2008

There is enough talk about the Presidential Candidate with the most experience, the biggest and most decorated chest.

Now has come the time, a few Americans fear most. They are use to getting what they want when they want it. They are control freaks and we Americans put them there and work against ourselves. What is post turtle? They know an Underdog is needed to bring about much needed changes. They want to share, but because of "yes people", they just do not know how.

America has very few men who care enough, are willing, have the courage and ability to communicate this to the rich and powerful. It is business as usual for them to say something and everybody jumps; not because it is good, but because we are greedy. And if you are willing to continue compromising and sacrificing yourselves; then why not. Who can blame them? They just want to see how far we will go for a dollar. That is what experience has taught us.

The unknown candidate, who came out of no where, was least expected to compete, much less win, has shown his true Underdog nature. Now, America has a real Underdog, a candidate worked his way to the top. An Underdog who has proven beyond a shadow of doubt, he can and is willing to stand up to America's richest and most powerful and negotiate a fair shake for the rest of America. That is an Underdog and they really want that for America. That is the change. A candidate who has made history, broken many barriers, called records numbers to the poles, caused record numbers to get involved; and all within a nineteen month period. The Underdog has reenergized the electoral process, democratic process and is the best sign of true democracy in America. An underdog candidate who has forever found a spot in the heart of Americans. Even the hardest hearted Republican has a soft spot and respect for Barack Obama and his Presidential Campaign. A candidate who is willing to speak up for those of us, who under normal circumstances, would not know a thing, did not know, did not care and therefore; could not and would not speak out, knowing all the time that most Americans were getting screwed, the short end of the stick. The Underdog has already done all of this and more, which is what the American Democratic process, democracy is all about. Listening to the voice of the people, not the precious few, but the majority. Giving everybody a chance!

America now, has a real Underdog. Who becomes the Superhero, the most experienced or the Underdog?

David and Goliath!

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