The Second Most Important Word in the World

***"Do Not"***

The second most important word in the world actually comes in two words: "DO Not", the english version anyway. Almost as important as doing, are the words "do not" and this very valuable phrase can save you a bunch of heartache and pain. "Do not" means giving up something you want, because simply this is neither the time nor place. May be later.

Life comes with commandments and instructions, rules and regulations; does not that make sense for us all to live together in peace and harmony, as best we can? Once you understand the commandments, rules and regulations, you must have the courage to obey them.

Do you know the ten commandments?

Now, after a quick review, whether you are Christian or not, do not they make sense to healthy and wholesome living? And if you have dared to violate them, and lived to tell about it, do you regret it? Do you show any signs of remorse? Would you want them violated against you? Then, Do NOT!

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