There to Catch You


There's lots of heroic work going on today isn't it? People are falling and people are extra busy catiching them, right? People are and do fall don't they?

The question is, will there be anybody there to catch you or will you perish? Is catching you a means of prolonging the inevitable?

Just what good is it doing to save you? Will there be somebody there to save me? Why do I want to be saved?

I'll be There to Catch You and You can depend on me? The Illusion!

Who’ll be there to catch you? Why is that of any concern? If I’m going to do something I know to be a little crooked, why should not I think I’m going to get away with it? Is that a criminal mind or what?

The illusion: What I’m doing is straight, even though I know it is crooked, whose going to know, if I don’t tell them? Deceiving yourself, to deceive others and doing it? What’s the cost? What good, how does it prosper me to deceive myself? How does it prosper anyone, deceit that is?

Well, first you’ll have to make the plunge. If you don’t take a plunge, don’t worry, before too long the plunge will be coming to you. It will be your turn and you can’t turn back.

To make a profit! What about Prophets? What’s the truth? Do we deceive ourselves about where we’re going to land, can we? Can you really, honestly “work” your way up? Why don’t “they” want to see you get up? Why do they make it sooo challenging? Are we producing better or worse?

The Earth is your death bed, if you're still living you get a chance to try again. It's a sense of tremendous freedom, but terrifying danger; a feeling of complete liberty from the bonds of the earthbound, but an almost frightening awareness it will soon be over.

End with a terrific impact, you may or may not survive. The heroic work you doing, if there is nobody there to catch you? Is that an illusion or is there really, literally somebody jocking for the right position to catch you? Why not? Now you know.

Where is your faith?

(((your inner

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