They, because of their evil doings, do not want to be known nor identified.

They are the ones who do not know, do not desire learn and discourage the humane treatment of black folks, by their own actions and beliefs.

"They" are the people, especially in America" or when they are in America, did and still do participate in African slavery or slave trade.

They are from all over the world, predominantly white and use America, her systems and government, to work the evils of African slavery.

I started this little project, because African Americans normally refer to "they" meaning all white folk. It is suggested that all White folk are devils. Though, on a great scale, many of them are, I think that is like saying all black folk are devils or any other folk. Hence, when an African American is introduced to another white from Hungary, without cause, the Hungarian person, because of their skin color is automatically linked or associated with the evils of slavery. Not so. The whole world is not our enemy.

During my international travels, I have discovered that there is one country, above the ones I visited, that has mastered the art of knowing how to treat black folks less than human. That country is America. South Africa does come to mind, but I have never been there, though, I have visited other parts of Africa.

Further, that whole raceof White folk, is responsible for slavery. No they are not. The slavery people, are select individuals or groups, countries... primarily from Europe who got involved in African slave trade and slavery. The ones in America, not to include all, are their descendants or remnants of that era and/or desire to carry slavery on today. They know their heritage.

America serves as "their" work place. They are alive and well just ask Martin Luther King.

With this project I wanted to make known some of the countries who were actively involved in the African slave trade and slavery. Well, without saying, America. I am suggesting this will give a better indication of who "they" are in America.

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