Thinking Normal

Rush hour, Gold Rush, rushing anything,,, is it real, with your phony ass?

You say, don't rush but then you rush? Why don't you have time and if you don't have time, what do you have??? Think about sh''

Thinking it was Normal

I used to think it was normal—CENSORSHIP! What unites us?I USED to think it was normal to follow other people, fashions, roots, corporal punishment, getting your wife straight or is it to further confuse her, beating your kids, demerits, prisons, incarceration… Does being normal equate to what’s real? What is an “oxford comma”?

Is it normal to classify one’s self based upon the color of their skin, ethnic origin, education, money, gender, sex…, but is it real? How do you expect me to learn what is real, knowing all the time it is not real. Is real JUST IN YOUR MIND?

Why do you cause yourself to believe real is abuse, violence, corruption…; denying the fact that they are not, knowing all the time they are real? Why do you deceive yourself like that? Why should your child grow up thinking getting an “ass whipping” is normal, when no one wants to be HIT? How sick are you? Why should they have to decide whether or not it is normal to take an ass whipping from their parents but not from their enemies, when all the time it is their enemies who cause their parents to beat their asses? How should they know their real enemy or would he be an authoritative figure, prone to constantly beating their asses?

We are so fucking programmed by our enemies, we are so fucked up, it ain’t even real, yes YOU and I am here to remind you. Bet you don’t believe that? Then how do you resonate with NATURE? How, why do you beat and abuse something, yet expect it to better behave/perform? Why can’t we just, say what we mean and mean what we say, without all the censorship?

Beautiful people, is it based upon looks or knowledge, from without or from within? We were trained by the system to veer away from our natural surroundings; hence we’re obligated, indebted to, compelled by him to believe we can’t survive without. Now, that is one sick mind, a whole people crippled by a mighty few into believing they can’t earn a living without first working for their enemy? So much so until we believe it is an insult to grow your own, to be self sustaining… Is that normal or what? Now, is that real or not?

(((your inner

Insanity of the sane World.

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