Never let anyone do your thinking for you?


Thinking about it and can't figure it out?

How did this come about? Is it saying think for yourself? Does it mean don't listen? What are you buying or selling?

Team, who is helping you think? What about the person with the money? Do you reckon the next fellow knows any more than you? Is it always good to bounce ideas off each other? So, how do we get along?

It all started with your parents, they did your thinking. Now, as adults, we are expected to make decisions based upon our up-bringing. What is there to think about?

Not only does life change, but things keep changing. Some changes are done just to create confusion and chaos- doubt. Those are the ones to be careful.

Surviving, there is no choice. Resources are unlimited as long as nobody controls them. Closely monitored, we should keep them. Whoever comes to eat, drink, find shelter and be merry has earned a right of passage. Poachers will be prosecuted.

How much can a man eat in a day? If a man gets hungry enough, he will work. What is the problem with that? Where does money come into play?

Think, never let anyone do your thinking for you? Never say never. So, how do we get along -- Listen.

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