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It's too quite around here, what are you doing.

I know a few good women around here and they are so scared to death, they do not know what to do. First of my BLACKNESS! and then of their WHITENESS.

Literally, they are scared to death to speak up for what's good and wholesome and always have been. They will stand idly by and watch you be hanged to death, beat to a pulp, raped, robbed or persecuted in every kind of way, ass long as their self-righteous asses come out smelling like a rose.

Being a mother is insignificant and unfulfilling? I think on that and who thinks about a woman as being a mother and when her baby making years are over, then what?

Faith Divine Nature, Embracing your divine worth? Break the Bonds of Unworthiness and Create the Life You Desire!

Give me a break???

what do you see as the #1 cause of unworthiness amongst women today?

As mothers, wives and entrepreneurs or employees, to me, it’s a woman who is centered and grounded in her self, and expresses it, like Harriet Ross Tubman, Sojourner Truth and a few others from all races, regardless of gender, dress size, hair color, religion, political party or her marital or professional status! We are all in the same boat and trying to get somewhere. I do it!

Becoming aware of and changing self-limiting beliefs has been one of our most profound challenges, why? What'S so hard about being fair, firm and consistent? tHIS?

I wrote not too long ago an article entitled

Tell the truth and shame the devil. GET SHIT STRAIGHT and everybody can understand. Remember, you are talking to your former slave and descendant of your NANNY or is that MAMMY?

Get shit straight and keep it straight! Sign my petition here

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