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All my thoughts, tools and toys are broken! How do you create more mind clutter


It is great to wakeup most mornings knowing which way to go, it brings so much joy and enthusiasm. So is the job done?

When you find yourself too often having to struggle through this effort, you may want to take appropriate action. Depression is a killer!

Do you realize how many mornings you wake up not knowing which foot to start out on or which direction to go? Do you figure this to be a chronic problem? Do you just take it as it comes? Just don't say anything.

As you look around, all your tools and toys are broken, and your dreams are even further away. Everything seems to be headed in the wrong direction and you seem to be stuck in a rut. What do you do?

What does this mean? Most folk ignore and keep going. They are just a "train wreck" looking for a place to happen. Do not allow looks to fool you, just take a look at our economy.

If you are happy, you will attract other happy people to you. If your only problem is you do not know what to do, then consider yourself lucky. Overwhelmed with clutter in your mind it can be a challenge to collect your thoughts, turning them into productive actions.

People call you with all kind of ideas, but if it includes you and is so important, why do not they write it down? Everyone, wants to be successful, but not everyone wants to do the work. Working alone is one thing, but working together is another.

How do you expand your business? They figure they are doing you some kind of favor. Talk, talk, talk, the thing is they are just creating more mind clutter? Is this an "I" thing or "we" thing? Just where do "I" fit into the scheme of things? You do for your job what you fail to do for yourself.

    How do I organize my thoughts and head off in the right direction? Do you realize how much information you process in a day? Even better is the question: How do I stay focused and on task?

  • Use paper and pencil. Since school, this is the last thing most people of the free world do. So don't be no fool, stay in school!

  • Write down all of your thoughts. Why do we spend 12 years learning to read and write? No matter how stupid or smart you think you are, write down your thoughts, ideas and other important information. I need to pay bills, which bills! I need a farm, how! I need company, who! I do not need another lead weigh, but smart company. I need to make necessary repairs!

  • Take a break. You cannot perform as well under pressure, so do something to take your mind off all this clutter. After an hour or whenever you feel your mind is clear, return to your thoughts.

  • Organize your thoughts, ideas and information. In terms of which is more important, organize them until you feel comfortable to execute.

  • Execute task number one, so you shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. Take copious notes especially of discourse.

    It is all about communications, understanding and figuring out the best way to do that, until the job is done.

(((your inner


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