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Today is the day.

Today is proof of what we did yesterday.

Is today another financial crisis day? In what kind of times are we living? Do I need to turn on the local news? Why am I fighting for my country? What would I do with a wife that spent well more than we made?

In order to help balance things, shouldn't we all have a better understanding of what's really going on? Wouldn't we pull better together? Poor Management?

What did I do yesterday? Where did my money go? My dreams, my hopes! Will the economy hold me back? Will I subcome to the pressure around me? do I stop working? Am I entitled the land of milk and honey? Is it worth it any more? My time, My effort, My brains, my thinking. Is there anything I can do to help my country in the time of need? Will I do my own thing or just sit back and pinch off of others? Am I looking for some crazy party to join or am I looking for the farm?

Everybody can be great!!! What's going on with me? Why am I strung out on drugs, alcohol, guns, power; is that really what it's all about? What about your girl, is she worth it? Yo mom, family, hell; there has to be someone in your life that is worth it. If not, are you are homeless?

Now, that our lands have brought us together again, will I take full advantage of it? I'm American, just what does that mean to you? I mean think about it, the whole world is open to you,,,,why shit in your own backyard? There are plenty of places across the world you can go and do "stupid shit".

Why go on a killing-spree in your own house, country? Why abuse our precious resources, water...? What about creating jobs while you are planning you next vacation? Would you like to hand over a debt stricken land, caused by your ignorance, to your future. Dead or alive, Today is your/our future. Today is a day on,,,not a day off. MLK

No matter what I did yesterday, Today, I start fresh. I am refreshed. Just for today?

Sometimes we build our lives based upon yesterday and we drag our yesterdays into our today.

Today, no matter what, I will be better than I was yesterday. No matter what, as long as I have a breathe of life in my body, I am going to do better, at least one thing, than I did yesterday. Just look how slow we are and compare that to how fast we could be prospering. I mean everybody, immigrants and all. There's enough milk and honey for each person, as long as we are not greedy. Suck some and let the next man suck, rotate. You won't be here long? It ain't worth the aggrevation.

Why use violence and terroristic threats to get your way...temper tantrum?

Is anything ever good enough? Our consumer society encourages us to live outside the moment? Credit here there everywhere? What will I miss most? What is nostalgia? What worries do I have? There is always something better or different. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow is yet to come. I have learned from it and am better prepared.

What is right under my nose is the wonder of being alive in a world full of possibilities bringing riches, no material item can ever match.

Today, I shot a squirrel, a deer, a cow, a pig... it did not lay there and holla. It fought for life, until there was life no more. It made the ultimate sacrifice so I could eat today. I thank God for my daily bread.

Today, let us not act out of sudden or rash action. Let us go out with the patience and power of knowing others have sacrificed for us. No regrets!

Let us ready our hearts to celebrate and tell the story of deliverance, freedom, and redemption.

You are known by what you do. From what I do today, I will remember as..."The Day That Changed My Life". I will observe this day as a practice for times to come.

Stay away from trouble and live in peace and prosperity.

your inner



Mel Fisher, Today is the day

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