Are You Trained?

What matters most to you?

I should say, "properly trained"?

Who's responsible? Organiazation, communications, smart work, positive thinking, Teamwork? What is your job during the next emergency? Do we even expect any? What lessons were learned from Katrina?

After 12 years of school, that is a significant investment in yourself and others, but what exactly are you trained to do, upon graduation?

Are you trained to follow, lead or get the hell out of the way? There is a train-a-coming!

You probably are trained better than me, being we did not have computers, just manual and electric typewriters. So you probably know nothing about that train.

What is the train? No good leadership, to what does it lead? Where? Education for the majority, what good is it? False expections.

First do you care? Do you know what's needed, where, when? All good things must come to an end, but that ain’t true is it? Have you got a twist or a solution?

Will race, gender, money be a priority? Priority goes to what? Is hospitals, churches, schools, stores, senior citizens.... I know, it is all under control. There is nothing to be concerned about? These matters take care of themselves?

Where do you report for further instructions? Does your governor have your best interest at heart? Are they a party favorite? Why is that so important? What party are you? What if the Democratics win, will we get bogged down about that?

Does a mother want her child to die before her? Why do we set ourselves up like that? Is war your patriotic duty? I do not know about other groups, but slaves have helped defend this country since its beginning. Now, there are no more slaves.

So basic parenting skills include what for every American?

Just how do you protect yourself from danger?

How thorough are you? We did not know what a computer was and fought against it for a long time. Now, look, we cannot put them down?

What can you do? What are you going to do? What are you doing?

What about probation, parole, job market, VA, Health Care...

The only way, the best way for us to survive, is to be properly trained to work together. If no one else does it, then you will just have to do it yourself. You must survive.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - MLK

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Will clandestine business ventures survive? What is that?

Train up your child?

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