Transforming the heart and soul of America

There are losers and winners, so what's in between? spoke in the wheel, Anti Bullying message:

Recovering from the horrors of war and destruction is a difficult, even dangerous exercise and must be accomplished in a delicate fashion. The first step is to make this a personal quest to understand forgotten social and political revolutions, the historical conditions in which these movements were born, what they achieved, and how these achievements tended to get lost over time in myth and legend. Yet, to resonate with an all rational messages ending in peace.

Is bullying the way we taught to behave? What kind of things must I do in order to become a success? I had it once but this time, I'll have to own it. Being the best of the best, can anybody knock that – a notch above the rest? When do you know you are winner? Is it when everyone around you starts winning? How can you win the game when you ain't even in the game?

Helping young people decide, what they need to do and be at an early age and stage in life, saves time and money for their future and yields a brighter future for all concerned. A stitch in time! A future is no more than hope and hope no more than future, no hope, no bright future.

It's a good thing to chat with those of us who are really making a difference. Actions words and actions speak louder than words. It's all an act, life is an act.

I think on those who say they can't and I look at those who are doing it, do you notice the difference. How far behind are those who say they can't? Are they holding up the wagon? By the time you hear about it, the damage is already done.

While those who can't walk around like those can, just who are they emulating? Which is more beautiful, those lying or those doing. And when you talk with those who can't the first thing they tell you is a "good excuse". They are so worried about ruining their "fake reputation", they can't bring themselves to see what really going on and is needed, for us all to better succeed.

I a man can create a circus and be a success, why can't you follow your dreams and be an even greater success, like you portray yourself?

What's in between are the chickens who hide behind winners and losers. They see themselves of great value and importance, yet they don't want to do or support a damn thing different and good. Haven't you learned you cannot stop success and just the opposite is failure?

While you take a look at the UniverSoul Circus Transforming America, envision all the things you failed to do to contribute, yet they still made it? Then, think on all the effort you put forth to maintain your great reputation, yet still not making it? Things just gets worse, hatred breeds hatred?

So just exactly where does transforming the heart of America start? UniverSoul Circus Transforming America, "the most interactive circus in the world".

Anti Bullying message: Would you carrying a gun/knife to school to help right a wrong with your child? Do you frequently bring fun to children and adults at school? Students cannot achieve their full potential in the classroom if they don't feel safe. There is no place for bullying in our schools or world.

It's harder to change anything at the same level, use combinations of above or below it to your advantage, see The bigger picture, remembering you are only one spoke in the wheel brought to life with historical detail and craftsmanship...

Your Inner transforming the World.

(((your inner

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