Do you really know what a TRAPPED is? From the greatest of you to the least of you, do you feel trapped in life?

Feeling trapped a wild animal is unpredictable. So, is it the wildness that makes us free? Is it the wilder you can be, the freer you can be, the more freedom you experience?

So the more rules, regulations, policies the less freedom? How does that work in your home? What determines the line between trapped and prosperous?

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Should we have three meals a day? Should any family member go hungry? Is that survival of the fittest? How fit are we? Why would we be concerned about our children, our future, when you say, "it's about survival of the fittest"? That means "the fit" will be the only survivors. Is that fact or fiction?

What is today's version of a bear trapped? What happens when you trap an animal? Do they domesticate you? Being on exhibit in a zoo, what does that make you?

Does your religion free you, is it supposed to? Depression, suicide, alarming crime rate, confusing political scenes and the politics of life, are they supposed to be bars around your life? What about democracy? How do you escape them?

I was presented some unbelievable information and it was revealed to me, a life that was greener on the other side. I mean there are numerous people, organizations vying for my attention. I can't believe all the sales calls, spam, ads forced in front of me at every opportunity, every day about a life I cannot have.

Take this pill for depression? Well, if it weren't for all that advertisement you're putting in front of me, I might not have this headache. Just may be I could see a bit clearer about where it is I'm going. Fewer distractions!

Have we learned to live with distractions? Will we ever master that?

What’s a trap, do you feel as though you have been trapped? Would you have done all these harmful things to yourself?

I do not have a choice, I can buy a tv, but no control over what’s shown or I want to see on it? But they are vying for my attention. They are luring, inviting, suggesting by any far stretch of the imagination, how well their product or service will benefit me.

No matter the side effects, their product or service is good for me? No matter, if it kills me, this is a product or service, without, I cannot live. And they’ve gotten so clever at trapping us, they stay open 24/7. Is that any indication of the gross number of people being Trapped every day?

Is it any indication to the increasing, alarming number of people who cannot figure their way out? Is that truly alarming? Well, if you capture the attention of, somebody has been distracted? And that’s dangerous if we are driving on the same road.

You mean well by talking and driving, you're putting your own life at risk, now add in a cell phone -Trapped?

Does your religion trap you? Iran claims it trapped U.S. spy drone. Using this knowledge, they designed a trap and simply re-programmed the drone to land on its own where [they] wanted it to.

Now, I'm out of slavery. Well Art, why do you say that: Some will never understand the shit. What does your food, from where it comes and how its delivered, tell you?

(((your inner

Our food tells us!

You got trapped

Freeing yourself is exposing the trap? How do you free yourself from the Trap?

Anybody knowing anything about trapping knows that is not an easy thing to do. It’s like our economy today and being trapped in it, what would you do if you got out?

Many of us go right back in, falling for the same trick and trying to attract others in hopes of being let out. Once the jails are over full, how long can they operate like that? Will jail populations ever exceed the number of people out of jail, at the rate we are going?

What about the people who are institutionalized, are they trapped?

Trapped, springing the trap, being let free, escaping or learning to live in the trap. What happens when the number of trapped exceeds the number of untrapped? Would it really make that much of a difference about which side of the fence you are on?

You’ve got the free and the jailed, why would a person want to go from FREE to Jail? Why would they risk it?

If you cannot escape, you will be at the mercy of the Trapper.

(((your inner

Our food tells us!

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