True and False

There are somethings I am happy about and there are some I am sad about, but the good thing about them all is that I can write about them. You must clear yourself up, confess. Yes, these are some of the crazy thoughts I get when I look around. All you have to do is look around. I really do not know how you can call yourself responsible and say nothing. Some will see you hanging by the neck in a tree and for one reason or another walk on by or tell you, you ought to leave. Well, how did you get here?

What is true and what is false? What is intentional and what is error? What is clean and what is dirty? How do I protect myself? How do I help ensure my own safety and security?

How does it feel to be flying around in a cloud or seeing with blurred vision when you do not have to? Until you have a better understanding of what is going on, these issues become serious matters of concern. They will be so until they have cleared up or you have a better understanding. You will always look forward to the time they are corrected.

What happens when one of your senses is dull? Automatically, others try and compensate. Well, if there is nothing really wrong with your senses except you prefer not to use them, you are causing unnecessary stress, work and significantly increase the chances of injury to yourself and others. To be sharp, you senses must be properly maintained.

To get my priorities in order, which sense should be number 1? See, Hear, Touch, Smell, Taste, Sense of Spirit. Talking is a form of communications and that is why I wrote Seven forms of communications, instead of six. Now, I understand my own communications.

Well it is the same when you allow your heart and mind to be cluttered with false thoughts and ideas. These do not function as smoothly and there is less room for what you need most. To minimize stress on myself and others, it is my responsibility to keep my seven senses sharp.

If too many false thoughts are allow accumulating, they manifest themselves in my character. That I may have better character, it is very important for me to conduct this procedure on a regular basis. Today I do not delay in my efforts to be responsible for what true and false I allow within.

I keep myself clean so I have a clear vision of what is false. I claim only those thoughts and actions resonating in peace, love and abundance. I discard and clear out any others because they are unworthy.

The truth sets me free! Create in me a clean heart!

(((your inner


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