Confessions of
A Fickle-Minded Fool

OMG! Why? What am I going to do?

I do not know from where I get these topics, but this just tells the story of a people who do not want to be healed. Not only do they not want to be healed, they do not want you to be healed unless they approve. That is a confession of a fickle-minded fool.

I guess the question I am trying to answer is, if I am worthy of my own self-worth by my own approval? Thinking and portraying myself as one above it all, I do not wish to do, but I am not too proud to ask for help and to do the best I can to help myself.

Am I a part of the problem or am I a part of the solution? To be a part of the problem would mean my work is in vain, I am fooling myself and wasting valuable time. What about my future?

The goal is to be the best I can, a person of good character. That is what I want in return? Any other way would mean more confusion and chaos.

What kind of Fool are you? I have been called a lot of things, but this is the first for "a fickle-minded fool".

I think this is how fools think as they are actually trying to fool people into thinking ... when the only person they are fooling is themselves. That's a sad state of affairs, criminal minded and cannot be trusted! Is not that where we all are today? Do we know which way to turn?

I'll make this short. We talk about our policticians and our officials... but when it comes to ourselves, would they be that way if we were not? We hold one standard for others while we hold a totally different standard for ourselves. Go figure.

What does that say about us as responsible citizens? Remember, I am a fickled-minded fool. Oh yeah, my conditions can really be depressing to me and anyone else in them, so I thank God for writing.

Most would not admit that but it takes one to know one. Your mind and body is so fickled. Are you walking around dead, literally are you?

You work in positions of great responsibility, for which you know you are not worthy. Look at our economy! You feel you are the only one affected by your double standard, careless decisions, quick wit; and you quickly blame and threaten others when confronted - Rich folk poor folk. But you say poor is my own choice, go figure.

You ask too much of others when you do not intend to give anything. Talking about a scam! You will not tolerate a fickle-minded fool being over you, but you will be one over others. Do you know how bad some people's conditions are while you sit around with your head up your ass?

We are all humans and a certain amount of foolishness and fickle mindedness are acceptable and expected, but when you are a fickle-minded fool and do nothing, that is not acceptable. When all you talk about is money, that is not acceptable. Can you figure that out? A sick minded people!

How do you get over it? First reconcile with yourself, then others. If you really knew what you were doing, well if you really did what you committed to doing, would it be this bad? You need to get your own life in order before putting conditions on others and I am.

Tell about all the can'ts we can't and all the cans you can. Make some amends to the people. You never know how all of this will bring you down nor how you or your body will react to it.

None of this really matters until it hits home.


(((your inner voice)))

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