U owe the STATE

I owe the State

Who is the state? Is it like owing yourself $10,000 or $30,000? Why have you come up today to fight me?

For housing and feeding me, when I cannot house and feed myself, I now owe state? How is that ethically and morally so? How can that be?

What about any human or civil right, we must house and feed everyone?

Because I committed a crime, does that negte my need for food, shelter, clothing...? Should those kind of punishments be levied on any man?

My point is grudges, vengeance and retaliation, where does it stop? Are we becoming even more grudgeful and revengeful? Why are we even more bent on further punishing a person that is already being punished by making them pay for what we paid them?

So how does a person become indebted to the state without being punished?

Had you told me that up front, I could understand, but even with that, the fact, I can do anything for myself, makes you responsible? Either you are going to take advantage of prison and less fortunate labor to advance the state and our society or not.

Being in the unknown zone "for all this time" is a message we fail to heed, revenge and grudge?

Will a revengeful person suffer vengeance seven times over? Vengeance on the nation and punishment on the people? Just how do you get victory?

I hope when travesty and adversity hits me harder, I will emerge the victor?

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