Rules without Relationships

If you make rules, without first establishing a relationship, to what does that lead? The first and greatest commandment and the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself. What is better than a true heart and skillful hands?

Do you ever care? Do you understand or do you overstand? I am never good enough for you? Are you listening? You are always going off on a tangent? Why can't we get along?

We are born in to relationships and therefore, relationships are just our nature. So why do we fight it? Why are we always finding rules to break them?

When you find someone with whom you enjoy, why try and change them before learning who they really are? Until then, how do you handle the relationship?

We try to compensate for poor relationships by making and enforcing rules. The more rules, the greater the disconnect and rebellion. Failure is the inability to develop and maintain healthy wholesome relationships with others. Are these the kind of people you attract? Is failure an option?

I've even seen this in my own life. Rules lain down without relationship... and I rebelled. Then someone pulled me into relationship, laid the SAME rules, and I GOT IT. Something about the relationship that made the difference.

So what do you do when others refuse to develop a wholesome relationship with you? We must admit our failures and rediscover the importance of relationships and remain accessible!

Rules without relationship lead to rebellion. In order to lead them, we have to build a relationship with them. Are you affraid or tired of reaching out? No, but I am tired of getting my hand caught in the door.

Enforcing rules with at-risk people with whom you have no relationship leads to disaster. People are more concerned in flaunting their power than reaching out to those of us in trouble.

With all our differences, we must continue to examine ways in which we can work together to bring healing in our hearts, homes and communities. Resign yourself, it is an on going effort.

Encourage people to be self-controlled and in everything, set a good example by doing what is good.

(((your inner

Rules and relationships, who knows them all

Past, future, present?

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