US Financial Crisis

How to Stimulate the U.S. Economy?

The most effective and efficient means of stimulating the U.S. economy?

Is it money? Rush out and buy more junk? More credit, loans? Nope! Those are causes for panic. Is it voting? No, our current system of voting is too slow and subject to compromise.

It is to get "the people" actively involved--Stimulate sharing-- observing and reporting. Their voices must be heard. Effective communications is the key.

Today, the most effective and efficient means of communication, getting "the people" involved, to carefully and accurrately hear their voices and take appropriate action; stimulating the U.S. economy is to Click here. Income

Observation and proper reporting -communications, from the bottom, up is the best way to stimulate the U.S. economy. Stimulate Sharing! From "The Bottom, Up"! Real Growth!

Art, thanks for sharing and "sharing" goes both ways?

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