Ultimate Insult


Would you know it if you saw it? We know everything but I bet you didn't know this? Watch what you do?

No, it's not what you may think. You may think this is minor until it happens to you. I know of very few people to whom this has ever happened. Mostly, it occurs in domestic desputes.

Have you ever been insulted and unable to make a come back? The ultimate insult would be like somebody publicly insulting your mama in front of you and there's nothing you can do. So your power, position and timing are the key ingredients.

Legendary powers of the ultimate insult can dissolve the egos of even the most fearsome people.

The ultimate insult in life is, "To have a shoe thrown at you during a public speaking event". If this happens, there is nothing more you can do. Somebody has cast a spell on you. There you go, arrested and jailed for "insulting the president" but what about the spell?

Trying to do something back to them is futile because they have done it in such a clever and deserving manner, there's nothing you can say or do. What can you do for someone who casts a spell on you? How do you remove it, especially when you don't believe? You actually cannot believe it!

Why was a shoe thrown at President Bush which culminated in repeatedly ducking his head, thus inadvertently destroying his commericial interests. With no remaining threat to the President, he was taken off into an unknown destination and I understand his exact location is still very sensitive information.

Well, there is hope, but you'll have to do a lot of work to overcome that. A good judge of character and do you really respect him? Beings who fail to see men and women as equal yet continue to undermine and hold themselves back with self-criticism. How is that loving?

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