equal rights for all

a lovingkindness meditation.. I love you too...Have we been asking for the wrong thing? For what should we demand?

Equal rights is bullshit and here's why???

Were we all created equal, then why not? Different we all are and we deserve the same rights, based upon them,,,

a lovingkindness meditation... THAT Whitney Houston song that starts out with, "I'm YOU!

IF you do not know how to treat your fellow human being, how can you know how to entertain all the other rights...civil, equal, childern...

IF you are more into deciding what constitutes life than you are living it, then there's something seriously wrong with your PERVERTED ass. We need somebody to tell us.

You can't enjoy the freedom, the responsibilities to UPHOLD any other rights, when you do not uphold human rights.

Hanging niggers from a Live Oak is a serious violation of human rights and do you think these white folk care? Is it more about the folk being white or about your ignorance, your willingness to tolerate, participate in in justices everywhere. If you teach your children or fail to teach them about human rights, you are doing and injustice everywhere. How can you ever learn how to treat others, immigrants, visitors, strangers, friends, wife, momma, son, daughter, siblings... without first knowing HR? Respect is a two-way street and we've a lot to learn?

About what are you squabbling with each other? Why does one Black Woman feel the need to denounce the other, for any reason? You talk about why our children have no respect for us... Take responsibility and stop doing all that stupid shit.

I mean we all want to learn something, but does it have to do with the tenacity, your tendency to destroy each other? Would you like to see me arguing with someone? Commenting, back and forth about who has the last word? Have we been asking for the wrong thing? What happens when you get it? Do you sit back like lions on a kill protecting it or do you move on, because you know there's a new day tomorrow?

I believe in equal rights (((watch those words))) for all regardless of people's race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Do you know how long we've been talking that shit and still hanging, jailing, teaching, preaching, taking the advantage of innocent people? Do we know their greatest accomplice? What do you do when you discover how stupid you’ve been? While you’re going back and forth “who’s who”, “who knows who”…The enemy is sizing you up. How do I further pit them against each other? Don’t they see me over hear. That is exactly what I want them to do…be distracted and then I am going to bite them in the ASS. Is it that BLACK WOMEN have a problem getting along? Why haven’t we further the Advancement of Our People? Why do we expect the NAACP to do what we aren’t willing to do? Why even… why even entertain the bullshit? Why don’t one or the other share the wherewithal to STFU? Why show people, is it about who’s who or what the fuck we’re going to do together? IF we’re all in the same hole, why the discussions about who knows who put us in there??? When all we “all” want to do is get the fuck out. We want our children out… Our parents out…and anyone else having sense enough to understand that. We want peace and harmony, at all cost and we are not going to put up with but just a little more of you Bullshit. ALL PEOPLE WANT IS PEACE AND HARMONY… not another soap opera. It’s okay when we’re not against each other. Listen, there are a lot more enemies than to turn on Friendlies and fire.

In a few months you'll look back and say, "OMG"!!! It wasn't even necessary, coulda took another route, did I really haveto go through all of that to get to this point? How can I expect others to do what I can't? How do I get this conversation, my programed life, back on track? What happened to great spirits around me, how did I get out here all alone? "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." Is this how we get to an understanding? Does it take all this time? What exactly am I telling you? How does the benefit the whole? Do they need to see more of the same? Is this what we do, how we act to pass the time? Do I need anyone to tell me I'm right or wrong?

Are you feeling betrayed, why, how, you create what you...Powerful people, can there be more than one, without the other trying to knock each other out and swing votes...

equal rights or is it HUMAN RIGHTS for all regardless of people's race, gender, (((religion))) or (((sexual orientation)))... I'm telling you, we're too talented, Use it wisely! Then there will be no Differences, settling differences and disputes... Would you want to settle with anyone who doesn't want to open up?

We're not equal, nor do we want to be, nor do we want to be treated that way; that will cause us to tear each other a part,, but we're all talented and we need our talents to make the world go round, to be good stewards of nature... Getting an understanding from working not talking, from sharing not dividing, respecting not disrespecting,,,especially if you are on the same team.

Friendly competition is alright, but we're defeating our purpose if we allow it to get out of hand.

Following fear and greed led to war. We are now aware there are and will be many types of people and we are at the place where many will gather. We must have the courage, find ways to avoid bloodshed and live in peace and harmony, if that's what we want. We must really work to make great things happen for us and time is our greatest challenge. Is it fast or slow, now ask yourself that question...How about you?

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a lovingkindness meditation

Equal rights is BULLSHIT

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