Unfolding Beautiful Flower

Can a head go anywhere without it's tale? So they will willingly want to do good

World, can the more sophisticated people do anything without the less sophisticated people? Does everyone need to be sophisticated, to be a productive human being? The education you received was the education that led us to TODAY'S UNDESIRABLE.

Why would we be so accepting of an education from a people with less knowledge than we? Why must we pay for an education that causes a people to be more productive? Is it the more productive, the higher costs? How is that productive? Do the math?

Do I need to participate in some rich man's sport to be able to tell you this? What about you, in order to realize what you naturally due, in exchange for your smart work and time upon this earth?

Everything you need is within the Earth, so why are you looking to the heavens?

It all starts our rough, tilling the land, acquiring the seeds, planting and maintaining. These are all jobs our people and society shy away from, yet desiring a harvest.

Have you ever been apart of something big and been able to witness it unfold into a beautiful flower? The tranquility, expectations, joy, peace, happiness… Those are all the feelings I’m experiencing as I watch your inner voice.com unfold into a beautiful flower.

Do you really see what is going on, do you see a need to apply yourself differently? Until you see that and adjust accordingly, the change our President spoke of and we’re in desperate need of, will never happen.

When President Obama say’s GO BACK TO SCHOOL, does he mean WAKE THE FUCK UP? For what other reason would anyone suggest to our best and brightest to go back to school?

This morning I see a change and I am so happy to be apart of that change. The change is, like minds are coming together to willingly do good. Black people are finally saying something important and that causing good shit to happen and others are embracing it. We’re using our minds, following our first thoughts, moving the enemy out the middle and taking care of our own.

Truths, how can we learn from each other if we don't share? How can we prosper, as a people, if we do not share our truths?

Like minds are being fined tuned into short succinct paragraphs, to clear the mind, otherwise the mind will never be clear. Why are we so eager to accept an education from a lesser educated people? Your beautiful flower… HUMAN RIGHTS!

The education received from your inner voice will lead to a better education of all human beings.

We no longer need validation from a more mis-informed, mis-guided sophisticated people. Did our fore-fathers?

(((your inner voice.com)))

Hard on Education

Unfolding Flower

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