Unlikely Friends

Were you raised in captivity?

What happens when there are more of a species raised in captivity than there are in the wild? Unlikely Friends, What happens when you have “unlikely friends”. Who's responsible if you raised them? How is that unusual? Relationships that seem unlikely are they likely, despite obvious boundaries?

How do you get your relations to blossom? How about your state of mind? Stron bonds, how strong, who is it up to? Does friendship know differences, how do you train yourself, the dos and don'ts?

You know all the things we say about where you belong and how you are supposed to get there? Fulfilling complex emotions.

What matter most, all the stuff we say or what you feel on the inside? What happens if you go against your inner feelings? What happens when they are not fulfilled? Can you fake it until you make it?

What if you had the opportunity to return to the wild? Would you know what to expect? What the weak, sick, lame and lazy?

Your disease tells you what you cannot do, but no matter what you always do what you want, if you really want it. Breaking the barriers to love? Does anything else matter? What about betrayal, what are its characteristic? How do you know? Do you ever know before? Then, why act surprised? Betrayal is a shocker no matter if you knew or not.

What about working things out face to face? True friends don’t care what your physical characteristics are.

I've done some very stupid things in my life, can you avoid them, how? The joy of being together.




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