Vacation Hurt more than Help

Why and how have we created our economy and lives around a term causing more harm than good?

Art on vacation

I need a vacation! For what am I really asking?

Vacation means leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure. Some people would say I am crazy; we need vacations, so on and so on. We live for vacations but we are killing ourselves in doing so.

My thing is, I question what a vacation really is, how did we come by this word, is it needed and can we really afford to take vacations?

What is your work? We have our personal work and we have our 8-5, professional work. Why we ever did that escapes me. Why would we create extra work for ourselves? Why do we divide work and life?

Our personal work goes neglected, while our professional work neglects us. Our professional life, which we consider "work" is severely lacking because we have so abused our jobs and our personal life. We have literally worked ourselves out of work. That tells me what we have done has been counter-productive. Yes, this entire job creation thing, is now (OBE) overcome by events.

In our personal life, where we consider our work/jobs play, are our most important work and jobs, from which there is no such thing as vacation. Taking a vacation from our personal work would be suicidal. On our professional jobs, which were created to make our lives better by profiting, we have implemented the term “vacation”. Vacation meaning taking regular breaks for personal and leisure, to minimize stress and encourage better job performance. This we call VACATION.

Though we have taken these vacations for some time, most employees have never been able to afford a real vacation. Consequently, All employees suffer considerably more harmful stress in trying to do so. Employees barely make enough money to pay bills, much less go on vacation. Then, employees take on more work in hopes of earning more money just to make ends meet. On top of all that, we employees who go in debt for vacations.

Do vacations really help? No, they do not. Vacations as we know them today, clearly create more harmful stress than they ever dissolve. You are under the false impression you can reward and/or be rewarded for going out and doing absolutely nothing. That could not be further from the truth. So you are actually not happier, but appreciative and relieved to escape the drudgery of this bogus work we have created and now consume our lives. This so called happiness is very short lived and over the long run, more stressful and harmful. Therefore, more people come back from vacation more tired and reluctant to return to work after going on vacation.

Vacations boost performance and curb absenteeism? This is a gross misnomer. It sounds a lot better than it actually is. Vacations are progressively more expensive, so much so, they are unaffordable. Work more to have more? Professional jobs we’ve created are not natural and more for profit than quality of life and on this we built our economy.

We have so grossly mismanaged and as a result, lost our most valued economy and life sustaining jobs. Herein, is the proof that vacations cause more harm than good. They do not boost job performance nor curb absenteeism. As a matter of fact, vacations have proven just the opposite.

We have had plenty of vacations, but now we have No jobs! There is your value for hard work and its rewards. Vacations are for workoholics "as a means to achieve faster career growth". Americans are ranked No.2 worldwide for the highest number of people vacation deprived. Guest why, They fear taking a vacation would jeopardize their career.

Did Native Americans take vacations? Why would you want to take a vacation from a life you thoroughly enjoy? Why would you want to take a vacation from the job you so thoroughly enjoy? If we stuck to our personal work, there would be a lot less stress and "absolutely no reason for 'vacations'"!

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July 4, 2011

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