4 July 2011

Patriotism does matter! Think on these things as you celebrate.

Art 4 July 2011

Well, if it was not for these guys, we would not have survived to gain our independence?

Growing up in America and celebrating the fourth of July, independence, freedom and all, I could never understand what I had to celebrate. Through my history, the only thing I could see worth celebrating on July 4th was the fact that I was still alive and it was an approved holiday. Now, I share this truth with you.

Not because I was violent but because of the violence Pilgrim type people committed against me. Because of this violent history, even the thought of fireworks were terrorizing to me.

So what is the "sacred Honor" we share? As Americans celebrate 4 July 2011, think on these things.

Is patriotism just for the military? Is the military the best way to demonstrate patriotism? What does the constant threat of war say about our patriotic duties?

4th of July 2011, America celebrates 235 years of Independence! We celebrate not only our country's independence but the exceedingly high cost for which we paid and are still paying for it. Thanks to our civilians and troops, those who served before us and those who now serve and sacrifice to defend our freedom!

As I spent 23 years in our armed forces, it's hard to believe in, yet to fight for an idea you don't understand or know exists. As I look back, my hometown still is as poverty sticken, racial and gender divided as it was then, but just in a different, less obvious fashion. Though we boast otherwise, that is not a good thing. A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do.

As we celebrate, for what exactly are we so grateful? I came to America through slavery, you came in with the Pilgrims and together we all committed genocide against Native Americans, the indigenous people of this land. Art, forget about all that stuff! No, further, today, even the act of us celebrating together (((whose independence))) is a gruesome reminder of “the original Thanksgiving celebration trick” which ignited all the horrible atrocities we committed against each other and this land. Does your memory serve you correctly? Do you chalk it all up to a time gone by? Do you think it can never again happen?

Of all the people comprising the three major groups of people here in July 1776, only one was free and Independent, and they were the Pilgrims. All others were in bondage, subordinate and inferior to them. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know from where we came or what we have been about. On top of all that, people still chant, “the south shall rise again”. My question is Why?

Can we ever completely repay this ever increasing debt for the Independence we proclaim today? How many more must die before we realize this debt is not only growing but why it will not go away? We moved from British rule to our own rule, but did we make it better or worse? Did we do any better by the people whose lives were entrusted to us? Where is the connection?

Though we celebrate independence from Great Britain, we also celebrate atrocities committed against the indigenous people of this country and those of the Tran-Atlantic slave trade.

The real celebration of Independence in America should be that none of this shall ever again happen. However, if you simply sweep all this very important information under the carpet, you are apart of the bigger problem and setting the stage for more atrocities like these to be committed.

With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Order, we must mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Be about the business of making patriots. Take a moment to talk to your kids and grandchildren about the meaning of America, the risks taken and sacrifices made to have this land. Patriotism does matter, but "We the People" ... Matter Most!

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