Vigilant or Vigilante

have you seen my two new buses?

While you are sitting around poking in the fire, guess what's happening? How did you miss the tell tell signs of our economic disaster?

Let me see if I can show you a good shot of my new bus? See me out there, I am the guy you blame for everything wrong?

Sleek, Sinister with blacked out windows (Black on Black in Black)!

Don't get that confused, this is not a Presidential Bus, but a bus belonging to the President. I too, look forward to the tour.

There are those of us who are looking out, those who have their heads in the sand and those whose sole purpose is to cause trouble - hurt, harm and danger. They operate in secret under the cloak of darkness. When will we take personal responsibility to change all this corrupt stuff "we" are doing? How can the President give us a job, when "we the people" do not give ourselves a job? Go figure?

First, I look within. If I am clean there, then I look around. Now what do I see?

Party lines, Democrat/Republican, Religious lines, Christians/And “Anybody/Everybody” and the headlines just get worse from there. Here’s one more: Master Internet Marketing with a Master?

How confused are you by now? Will the stock market rise of fall, what about gas prices? You can see everything but what you need to see. Is this “life” or is this “a crop of shit”?

Then, there are these types: I also know the value of prayer--attuning my heart and mind to the presence of God within. Well, if you know that, exactly what are you saying? Are you saying stick your head in the sand with your ass up in the air? I am constantly thinking, are these the same people, who stood idle while atrocities were being committed? Is this the type of mentality and religion which fall victim to abusing little children? Is this the same mentality and religion which has lost their grip on the reality of today? Is this the same mentality and religion which discriminates against any and everything different from them? Is this the same religion and mentality that engaged in Indian wars, slavery and a multitude of other atrocities?

My question is do these guys ever give up? Do they not see the damage they have and still are causing? How in the Sam hell can they see the results of what they have done, as good today?

These are your everyday productive citizens, hating the President for whatever reasons. Of all the Presidents I have had good reason to hate, why would I lower myself to such standards? they used to teach that lesson in school, but because of double standards they abolished that lesson for a more complicated and sophisticated form of hatred. We can now hate you because of party lines and affiliation. What good is teaching it when you do not follow it? You know the Pledge of Allegiance, how can you pledge and hate at the same time?

I maybe stupid but I can still look around. Are you being Vigilant or are you a Vigilante? If you are doing nothing, if you are ignorant, if you do not want to get involved,,,you are just as much a vigilante as some of the most notorious groups – kkk, Nazis, Priests, American Immigrants…

So while you are sitting around wondering how are you going to get your next meal, some have already figured it out and I do believe they want to help if you allow.

If you are vigilant, you cannot help but to speak up and stand up for human rights. What good is a right when you never exercise it? Do you know how many lives have been lost, battles fought for you to have this right? If you stop fighting, then only the Lord knows.

(((your inner


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