Violence and Abuse

There was a time when a real America wouldn't stand by watching an adult male abuse a little girl...Ain't understanding???

Would you lock your little girl in the trunk of your car for misbehaving? Would you approve? What about HANDCUFFING your six year old to a chair? Is that what you are teaching? Would you approve of it being done to your wife? What about an adult inappropriately touching a little girl? Would not it be appropriate to call the parents or care giver? Why not the Department of Children and Services, do you think they would handcuff the child? What about any "responsible adult"? Do not you think one is around close by? Is it better to twist their ears or handcuff them?

The next time you see a six year old girl throw a temper tantrum in a grocery store, expect to see her handcuffed to an aisle around the next corner, especially if the police must be called. Candy seems to work well at banks, but not schools?

What's clean, dirty, happy, sad, acceptable, unacceptable in thy sight? What is violence and abuse? Where do you teach and learn that? How is your system of justice? Does that make it just? Do you have a clue what just is? Why do you act otherwise? Is that the way you want it back? Do you even understand and listen to your own language?

A "ain't understanding people", How do you teach an "ain't understanding people"? Do you just do what you want? Where are our adults, what good are they?

Violence and Abuse, How often, the frequency of this going on in America, especially child abuse? Is it a problem? How do you handle your problems? Why aren't you able to resolve it, without violence and/or abuse? What should happen if a six year old girl disrespected a good cop? What about the Christian teachings? Is it an eye for an eye??? How do you forgive and forget? How do you tell yourself you had to put real handcuffs on a six year old girl? How do you present that in public? Would you be a hero or should you be admonished? Was the six year old threatening your life? Does it matter what race or gender, you'll handcuff anybody, accept the real enemy? How do you know the real enemy?

Police misbehaving, Child abuse or NEGLECT? What should we do for adults, especially adults sworn to protect and serve...cops guilty of child violence or abuse?

Child abuse constitutes Adult abuse? Does the Bible tell you that – spare the rod and spoil the child? So, how do you technically beat a child? How do you teach them that? How do you teach that? What about childhood obesity? What does it constitute? What are the true warning signs? How can you be an unhealthy child, yet a healthy adult? How do you change? Do you admit it, would you? Think what we’re training our children to do to each other? What are they actually doing? Who’s responsible? Is it a white and black thing, why would you think that? Why would a thought like that even come to mind? What about gender, age, position, power???

Police brutality!!! Six year old child What about Adult brutality and mentality? A six year old acting like an adult and an adult policeman acting like a six year old. If a six year old child and adult (POLICEMAN) was playing cops and robber games,,, WOULD THE COP PUT REAL HANDCUFFS ON THE SIX YEAR OLD “GIRL”? SHOULD HE? WOULD HE HANDCUFF HER FOR REAL. WOULD YOU APPROVE OF THAT? I mean would you approve of a grown ass man/POLICEMAN handcuffing a SIX YEAR OLD “””GIRL”””? Just what would he do to your ass, should he? Adult policeman stoop to first grade level and it not the first time. As a matter of fact, it happens more often than we care to admit, especially in America.

In America, we intentionally lie to, beat and abuse, especially Americans are guilty of and in serious denial about beating and abusing children. We do not want to admit it, which is the greatest sin, atrocity? What children who abuse their parents, Grand Patents and Elders? Do we have any of that or is it under control? Would your children lie, cheat.. Will if you know they will do that, isn’t that “killing you”? Why would you put/tolerate such behavior? Why don’t we all, why can’t we all agree on what constitutes CHILD ABUSE?

mature adult stoops lower than a six year old child.For realMilledgeville Police Handcuff 6-Year-Old Girl for Misbehaving at School. Tell me something new!

Who's responsible? For real

Where is for real, what? How does the guilty know? Is that better than beating her little ass? Is it better than parents who does not properly monitor their children? Do you just want them to run free in the streets? Is it better than expecting someone else to treat your children as well or better than “us”?

Historically, America and Americans are known and notorious for violent and abusive to their children. Well if you abuse a people… Had that cop known that was an alternative to violence and abuse, especially to children, Had he known what violent and abuse to children, anybody’s children, whether they needed it or not,,,would not be tolerated… It just goes to prove how little we know, especially those entrusted to know. Had he or she known what violence and abuse was…Had he or she known we do not, will not tolerate it, then he would not have stooped to a six year old level.

Have we lost our touch, do we not know how to properly deal with our kids? Do we expect someone else to do it for us? Mandatory education, where does it stop and start? Who's willing to give?

child abuse, violence, neglect, people and you think they care...Happy child violence and abuse Day!

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What's the correlation between child violence and abuse with Adult Violence and Abuse?

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