All these Voices, am I crazy or what? Am I the only one who can see what clearly needs to be done?

What are these voices? From where comes all these voices? To which voice must I listen? Are these voices truthful?

Your voice is for the here, now and future, just as were the voices of our ancestors.

The voices of our ancestors are seeds planted long ago and these seeds are the harvest, inspiration and encouragement of today. The voices of time! How else can we honor the hard work and sacrifice of your elders? To whom is our loyalty and respect? Some voices want us separated for obvious self-serving reasons and we have listened and obeyed all those hypocritical voices of the past. That is how we got to where we are today?

Voices of the past, of all colors, have already said, “It ain’t right and what we need to do to make our future right and bright.

Voices of today, the present day voices, your voice and my voice are confused. There is a sad sense of disparity between the two, because we have never taken the time to properly address ourselves to each other. Why is that? One sided-history and education! The voices of those who want us to prosper have been drowned out by the voices of those who are SELF-SERVING, wanting to see us destroyed by destroying us at the family unit.

The voices of people who can clearly see what needs to be done are the voices to which we turned a death ear, yet their voices are still ringing out- Hello, Hello, Hello! I am going to attempt to mention a few names that come to mind: Harriet Ross Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Fredrick Douglas, Henry McNeil Turner, Nat Turner, Shirley Chisholm, Marcus Garvey, Adam Clayton Powell, Olivia Butts Thomas, MLK, John Lewis…the list is endless. Now, most of the ones I have named are Black, but I know there are voices of every color, saying and planting the same seeds. These are the voices which could only sow seeds because the powers to be at that time paid them no attention.

Well today is different. You do not have a choice because you have tried everything else and failed miserably. Any more stupid mistakes and "we are through". There was always the voice that saying, "But there is nothing I can do about it now" and that voice is the voice of do nothing.

However, in the future!!! I may not be able to be there with you, but “The day will come when there are no more barriers holding you back.” My question to you is, Is that day TODAY?

Voices of the future, where are you? For what are you waiting? Will this economy recover itself? What about the sense of urgency?

There is nothing so complicated about correcting our economic and political situations. All we have to do is listen to the voice of Self-Determination.

The voice of self-determination!

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