Take a stand: Take a public stand against the establishment and say, “By no reasons or means will an African ever lift arms against another African”.

Just think of the impact of that statement alone to ourselves and the rest of the world. See it all goes back to the basic family values, then there is where we must go. “Who is loyal to this house?” It is all a mentality, Self-Determination.

Self determination is a principle of and in life that cannot be ignored. Self-determination embodies the right for all people to determine their own economic, social and cultural development. How determined are YOU?

Too many people walk among us, live among us, eat with us, but declare no loyalty to us – Self-respect. Not one of us ever take measures to see if they are dedicated to our cause. Why do you think the establishment does not allow you to come in. They know you cannot be loyal to their cause or their house and for good and obvious reasons. That is why we have all this demographical data, what party are you, black, white, green, tea… Tell me, which one of those parties have your best interest at heart, especially when you do not? You are being used.

Where are the diasporas, Africans, African-Americans, African-Asians….? To what party do they belong? Why do not we try and reach out to each other? While we worry about them, who’s worried about us? Our oppression have been turned against us and the only way to fight it is with Self-Determination and it all starts with the family unit.

We must avoid the pitfalls of classifications and willingly classify ourselves, what’s wrong with being AFRICAN? If you are mixed, WHAT WRONG with being African? Why we do not show the world how great it is to be AFRICAN? What about our appreciation for the family and the concept of unity? What an honor, what a privilege! Being "a total Human Being" with self-determination. The acceptance and inclusion of Africans would do that.

What keeps us from GREATNESS is our inability to unify our cultures and make connections with Africa and the time is NOW.

Build it? Site Build IT! I am not just selling websites, I am selling a way of life! Take back your life! Follow a proven path to success.

(((your inner

Our fantasy is now your Reality!

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