Voting Fraud America

Ask an African or Native-American

Again the perception is We are ok and you are not? Our system of Democracy, a big part of which is our voting process, is a big reason many are dying everyday in Iraq, as we shove these systems down their throats. Like fish oil as a cure all, we tell them, this nasty tasting system will be good for you. You just have get it down, as we have.

Here is a good opportunity for us, as Americans to look in a mirror to see how well we have got Democracy and voting down. The same systems men and women die daily to establish in other countries, Iraq for example. Do we really want other countries to have this system...ask an Africa or Native-American?

Looking at American elections from 2008 through 02. There are now complaints or legal challenges over voting lists, absentee voting and erratic voting machines, and lawyers for both sides have descended on states where a close outcome is expected.

The concern is exacerbated this year because Obama, who would be the first black U.S. president, has inspired millions of people who have never voted before, including young people and blacks, overwhelming what critics say was an already under funded and piecemeal balloting system.

Hoax stories--lies, Ashley Todd, Joe The Plumber and who knows what others. Reporting well before the facts of the case are known or established? Why the alleged attacker was portrayed as A Large Black Man?

In 2000, a ballot debacle in Florida ended in the Supreme Court's decision that Republican George W. Bush had won the state and thus the presidency.

In 2004, problems with voter rolls and voting machines left thousands of mostly poor people unable to vote in Ohio, the state that decided the re-election of Bush.

State Republicans and Democrats have launched at least six lawsuits, the state's election website has been hacked, and the top election official has received death threats.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against a Republican lawsuit challenging the status of some 200,000 newly registered voters whose details do not match other government records. The so-called "mismatch" problem has plagued other states, including Florida and Wisconsin.

Employing GOP operatives accused of voter registration fraud?

FAKE REGISTRATIONS? The problem is our temp workers who are trying to defraud ACORN by pretending to do work that they have not done, according to an ACORN spokesman.

"Every study" that has looked at whether there is widespread voter fraud has concluded there is not, IAW, a representative of the Brennan Center for Justice. Simply an urban myth used every two years to justify policies that would kick eligible voters off the rolls. He must be a democrat.

We keep looking for problems in machines and systems, the problem in with the operators, the people we elect or hire to operate these machines and systems--ethical and legal wrongdoings.

Ask an African or Native-American, I do not mean that as a racial thing, but those are American people who has historically been denied to share the same system of democracy. I think those are some of the different cultures Michele Bachmann is referring to.

You do not want to hear the answer do you?

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