How long does it take you to do what you got to do?

Wait is a lie. I don't care what it is, how long does it take for you to do what you got to do?

You talk all about how the impossible is possible, but when it comes to YOU, you are as lost as Hell. And that is why we do not have a damn thing. Does your crystals, your Bible, your energy, my mouth... tell you that?

I go to bed early and I get up early. Even more importantly, I go to bed early with you on my mind and I wake-up early with you on my mind.

To all my “little” healing buddies, why is the word “wait” a part of your vocabulary? You talk all that “spiritual healing shit”, but when it comes right down to you, the first words out of your mouth is “WAIT”?

Why wait? Supposedly, JC created the world in 7 days...To what advantage is waiting for you? Is it all about you? Do you want to wait for whatever it is you’re looking? Why put one off for another, why not take them in stride?

For what are we waiting? Do you not see or realize the dire need for what you have, while you are waiting, looking, searching? The devastation, death and destruction. And when you come upon for what it is you’re looking, then it’s WAIT?

Do you know what you’re going to do with it? Have you ever been “plum picking”? When you see that one fat juicy plum you did not know existed, is WAIT the first word to come to your mind? Or is action to get it? Does it take you all day to pick that plum?

A teacher told me a long time ago: WAIT BROKE THE WAGON. It is amazing how technologically advanced we are compared to how SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED we are not. Why is that? Is it because our SPIRITUAL HEALERS(ING) are waiting?

You go to bed early, can’t sleep and don’t want to get your asses up? Yet, you’re telling everyone else about do? My question to you is: What are you going to “do”? Are you giving and receiving or just getting for your own ass?

People need, want TO see and experience the result of whatever you are waiting, BECAUSE we need each other.

I go to bed with you on my mind, Now, what do you do? Does innovation and creativity wait? Is that plum going to wait on you? Now, you see My energy

Too many irons in the fire, Don't put off for tomorrow what you can today "do".

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