Wake up

Call somebody, anybody, those close to you.

Why do that? I know how much time and energy one can waste associating with people that ain't going to and don't want to do anything. Do you realize how much time and effort we waste as people sending bad energy into the cosmos?

Do you have any goals, desires, needs, are you and your friends working together on them. Why is it so hard achieving success or is it? Do you know the secret? Do you make a practice of them. I do.

And this morning I am encouraging you to get up, wake up with joy and enthusiasm and reach until you get there.

That gets what you want done with the people you want to do it. They know and there are no false expectations.

Encourage them. A good guy once said, "work with me not against me".

So if I can share anything with you to help you better live your purpose driven life, that's it: Wakeup, reachout! Tell people what you want.

Don't you think that's the most effective and efficient means to get what we all want, when we want it? Working together.

I want to be a man you can work with to get what you want because that is the way I want it in return.

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