The Walk of Shame

A horrible feeling that something is not going right and it's not going to go right until!

With the right people in the wrong places, how can it?

The feelings are - Numb, shock, Anger – Holy Shit! I’ve taken this walk a few times and I saw who was there. You wouldn’t even think about it, your spirit is even afraid to go there and this is your home. There is nothing I can do about this.

Are you doing what you sat out to do? Will you settle for less? Don’t back out now! Reality sets in, you’re completely done. You feel very selfish. Is it worth it?

Anybody can do what you do, then anybody can do what they want with you. You’re small fish to bigger fish – Betrayal. You are destroyed. Write yourself a letter for tomorrow and wake-up.

No amount of money can save you. Is it worth it? Is it worth your FREEDOM, your LIFE? How are we going to get out of this? You say you are a Life Coach, a Spiritual Leader, you even said Healer. Don’t play with God.

Can you hear me now? Do you not realize the seriousness of this matter? What do they want? Is it Life or Death?

They’re young, old, sick, poor, oppressed, depressed, dark and lovely, people with whom you’re not used to dealing. From whom you refuse to listen and you damn sho ain’t going to take no orders from. You may call them… Remember you hate Rap. “Wild Pigs is what they were”?

The level of anxiety is quickly building – stress, depression... Are you talking about the nights of Mayhem?

No, I’m talking about you. When is Mother Nature going to strike back? How do you see me now? Can you hear me now?

Do you have any idea about what’s really going on? What next? Or are you just following the person in front of you? Terrorists attack! Acts of terrorism!

They don’t want you to be seen and you don’t wanna be seen. This is how it’s going to go down. The signs are everywhere, but (no one is talking about this now). We’re in the spook mode. We're playing God or less just say, "playing with God". Where is the democracy?

Remember, you know what you did. You know how many lives were lost. Will your spirit kill mine? This is the spirit now – no guns, no money, not a shot fired. He who saves one life...

The search for is answers is all about different people finding common answers to fix holes in their lives.

~The PLH

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Do you feel any sense of responsibility for what’s happening? Until, people are going to pay.

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