War, Front, Rear, Flanks

Can you win a war on one front? Where are the other fronts and what's going on? Are we achieving peace on any front?

We are all soldiers to some extent or another, especially when a war is going on? Civilians keep some kind of mess going on and then they act like nothing happen and it is not their fault. They are quick to wash their hands of the whole mess, as soon as the military goes to war.

The battlefield is divided into four major areas. There’s the front, the rear, and left and right flanks, and at any given time you are in one of them. That is, as long as your country is at war.

The front is where all the fighting is going on.

Know the situation on your left and right flanks, fighting can just as easily break out there, especially if the enenmy is having trouble on the front lines.

The rear, how far does it extend? Are you included? What are you doing? The rear extends all the way back to your home land and in this case, it is America, hence; homeland security. It covers churches, schools, hospitals, government organizations. A side from all the confusion, chaos and internal turmoil, how can we survive it all. Internally, we have been infiltrated and are quickly destroying the glue that has kept us together for so long. It is like someone stepping on an ant hill, are we organized enough, are we strong enough to recover? Do we even care enough?

What are we doing in the rear, way back in the rear? If the people in the rear are screwing-off, what do you expect our soldiers on the front lines to be doing? Even if they are fighting and winning, what good will it do?

Are we on guard, Are we supporting, How? Do we even understand for what we are fighting? Some are fighting while the majority is doing what? Well, if the soldiers let down their guards, what’s going to happen to you?

Stay on top of your game. To do anything requires the unity of the entire qroup. Divided we fall? War on any front means war on every front.

I am for peace on all fronts, especially internally. Peace means peace internally and on all fronts, reckon we will ever achieve that? I know only peace can bring the desired results. If it is peace for what we are searching, then it is peace we must bring. If not, then what will happen?

Some folks search for happiness; Other folks create happiness wherever they go!


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