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Just as show as you need fireman when your house is on fire, you need soldiers? You can have all the money and power, but what good is it, without a soldier? During natural disasters and any national emergencey, it good to have a nice pool of dedicated soldiers from which to draw.

Sometimes,,,when you really think about things, more important than yourself. Put them in order, prioritize. Mama, Grandma, Cousins, People you grew-up with, people with whom you played and fought. Your every battle, they helped YOU fight - Even StarWars. Today, the Indians ain’t begging for nothing, Black folk ain’t begging for nothing…Nobody is begging for anything. You see people do terrible things to people. We have enough air, earth, water, resources unless somebody cut them off. No matter the excuse, you are going to kill your own. Would you kill your own country? Would you try to destroy it? Would you cheat your own people?

Think about that now! People will do terrible shit to you as long as you let them, take it from a slave. Slavery is a real deal and it is still going on today, whether you are tired of hearing about it or not. Just like you are still mistreating Native Americans…Well, in reality, in the end, uptodate, today; the only person you have mistreated is YOURSELF. This is for-real now and you will not hear it on CNN. You’ll probably be the last to know and you are why,,,,your attitude. You don’t give a shit about nothing, three feet outside your lazy ass. You will put your head down in the sand to keep from seeing anything that may cause you to help someone else. You wouldn’t help a slave, as a matter of fact, you probably try and explain to him how he is sadly mistaken.

Back to the war. There is a war going on! Just may be you do not feel the effects of it, but just ask a soldier. You see your freedom comes at a high price. For you to attend church, school, shop, Freely…Thank A Soldier. I ain’t saying support war, but I am saying support our troops. Every time our politicians screw up, it is a soldier that straightens it all out.

Okay, you fought the indians and won, to do all of that, you used slavery. Black folk did not ask to come here? My point is, you can not do without us. We can do inspite of what you did to us and still save your ass. This country did not get here by osmosis or politics, people suffered for you and I am not talking about all this stupid bullshit you do around the house. I am talking about for our National Defense. While if it were not for real-soldiers you would still be floating some where out there in the ocean. If those first indians had not….


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