Warning Warning Warning

This website if full of filthy lies, based upon stupid books, unrealistic life experiences and tries to relate them from some out dated biblical standpoint. That is the last thing I need.

I do not have time nor am I willing to do all the stupid mess to live life like I know it should be. That is just it, I know. It is better to perish among heathens and provoke wicked things in the land of our enemies than to join or share in the efforts of this one foolish man.

To hell with the covenant of our ancestors and their finite wisdom, for we have gained infinite wisdom. To hell with getting along with others, for they are not people, especially like me. They are democrats or republicans, Jews...

Therefore, I give thanks unto myself, my marvelous works, my doctors, my lawyers, my scientists, my satellites, my nuclear capabilities, my education, my money, my computer, my cell phone, my cars and my zeal for life, because nobody understands me better than me.

Thank God for me and this stupid website.

Today, I received a phone call from a number listed as DEAD. Wonder who that could be and why did they phone me, of all people?

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