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I am not one to complain, especially about something as precious as water.

Life giving water, thirst quenching, cleansing water is supposed to be FREE, a gift from God. Water is one of the most valuable natural resources to life and a lifeline essential for every living thing and in every aspect of life.

For my own health and welfare, I have resulted to buying bottled water, I boil my water and use filtered water. I am single and at home may be ten days a month, now you know my water usage. My water bill is USD 40.00 per month. Not one to complain, but from 1965 to present, all my water bill has ever done is increase, no matter how conservative I am with it or the number in my household.

Everything about my water has increased, except its quality. The quality has consistently and progressively gotten worse. This has been documented and proven. Like the more I pay, the poorer the quality of water provided. To make matters even worse, sewer and garbage has been included on the same bill as something so vital to life as water--excessive rates on Water/Wastewater bills.

It is like I must pay for every sip and every single drop processed. Who is responsible for water rate increases? I mean it is not like water has to be created; all it has to be is kept and pumped just like it has been provided--pure. If God cut off our water supply what would happen? And no matter how much we have used and abused our water supply, it has never been cut off nor declined in quality. Now, no matter how many years I and those before me have paid water bills, the quality has significantly diminished and just miss a couple of payments and what happens?

Water companies have done everything possible to ensure people are dependent upon their system. What have water companies done to make us more independent of their failing water system?

Where else can you get paid, charge penalties and receive regular promotions for providing a consistently less than adequate product and service?

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