Sorry, We Have Got To Let You Go

Dear Worried Reader -

It is the phrase everyone is terrified of hearing: Your boss wants to see you. "Sorry, but we've got to let you go."

Employers are desperate to keep their companies afloat these days. So they're slashing the fat. The future belongs to those who are best able to resolve problems before they become problems.

When times get tough, it's easy to segue into fear-based behavior and work harder to push through whatever stressful or difficult time you are facing.

Use the news as a wake-up call and see what you can learn about yourself and the world by paying CLOSER attention rather than tuning out the bad stuff. That means watching what they trigger in you. When you hear about the difficult months ahead, do you feel discouraged--or inspired?

What matters isn't so much how you respond but whether or not you are choosing to LEARN from it. What can you learn about yourself when you hear property values are sinking? That loans and grants are harder to get? Health care? That big companies in your community are slashing jobs? That we are not hiring?

Many people--those who are paying attention, anyway--are learning that their work, their relationships and their satisfaction in what they do each day is very much affected by the news of how others are doing. You can choose to take this as an opportunity to identify with and understand the situation of others.

Use the news! 3.6 million American jobs have been "cut" since December of 2007, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Half of the job decline has happened in the past 3 months. Think your job is secure?

Whether your worries center upon your loved ones or yourself, try focusing on being prepared, by addressing the problem before it becomes your problem. Let us face one fact and that is, our economy is in a serious state of affairs. How or who will turn that around? Who will be your MVP? In situations like these, there is no job security. Things could very easily get worse before they get better, if we do not take appropriate action immediately.

Prove to yourself that you are recession proof, become your own "Most Valuable Player". Be your own stimulus package. Who is going to get that money--you or me? Not hardly, without working! It is all about buying and selling. That creates jobs. For those of us who are not naturals, education is key. Become an expert at making sales and build your own business. Good businesses are what our economy is based upon and needs, before it is too late. Know how to sell, and you'll be the VERY LAST PERSON anyone considers saying, "Sorry, but we've got to let you go." Build a good business and help depression proof our economy. See what a good business looks like?

Check out this quick video explaining just how much money you stand to make if you master the art of Sales. See how educational it is, just follow the plan! Plus, find out how you can get a massive edge over your competition when it comes to developing this skill. Just click here: to see your business plan and business. When you are finished it will all be written.

Be inspired, No time for Depression! Together, Yes we can! Results -"Top 1%"

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