Old weak ass spirit

What are you producing today? Why are we going to Prison together? Behavioral problems

Do you ever think about shit? My uncle has been in prison all my adult life and I am 56 years old. Further, it seems he does not want to get out? Is that bad or good?

My children are estranged to me, do they want to see a change? My women are critical of me, do they want to see a change? My religion denies me, doesn't it want me to have anything? What is a good time?

What is it when someone else takes credit for everything you do? They say the spirit is ageless, then what‘s the problem? Why has this come to me?

Is my spirit old and weak, is this message for you? I have a let’s do spirit, a let’s resist spirit, a free spirit, but from those by which I am surrounded, there are nothing but excuses and procrastination.

You can hear things like the melon is not right, patience is bitter but it's fruits are sweet, it doesn’t does come overnight… But the truth of the matter is if you get up off your asses and do what you’re supposed to, the script will be flipped in the blink of an eye.

HaVE you ever seen a whole people who just keeps taking and talking BULLSHIT? Our today is fucked up because of what we did yesterday. Yes, had we done better by yesterday, our today would be much brighter.

Where is my money? Why do I put my money in your banks? Is that why I can't own a bank? Why do they have everything I need and I nothing they need?

Why is everything we need unaffordable? Why do we pay double, triple… for what others get just because they had the courage to take it?

Though we go to church, praising the Lord, the more we do, the worse it gets. What good does it do us to come together? Is there a better way? Do you think the re-election of President Obama is going to change things for you? Is it time we WTFU and start changing them for ourselves, just as he has done? Why do we think what he does or does not do is going to make us? Why are we always looking to someone else to save our “monkey asses”, yet we call ourselves mature adults?

Do you realize how much time we waste following a people who does not have a clue? Do you realize how much time and effort we waste doing absolutely nothing? All we talk about is how tired we are, while foreigners travel across the water just to get what you’ve worked so hard for.

How does it feel to go into a store asking credit from a foreigner, when we can’t even cash a check? How does it feel to see them take over you? He who feeds you controls you? How does it feel to watch our prisons grow off the backs of our people? How long will we be pitted against each other? How long will we continue to promote the wrong people?

Behavioral problems, am I the only one? Why am I never good enough? Is it them or is it me? How do I correct my behavioral problems? Lost in a very poorly played game by the races, our old weak ass spirits are like zombies, all they do is consume, they do not produce a damn thing. (((your inner voice.com)))

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