Telling my family

I write not so I can remember tomorrow, but so I can better understand today.

Will you help me out by reading something so I can better understand?

I can remember in the late sixties Black Family Members running to the North for better pay? Not, jobs, but for better pay and NOW WHAT?

Reading and writing are two of our most valued skills for effective communications, are they not? Then, why aren't you sharing? Why canNOT we use them, why aren't we using them to prosper our lives?

The music I hear rattles your windows, vibrates your doors, what does that mean? What are they yelling, why? ARe you listening? Do you plan to do anything about it, other than show your dissapproval? Is your disapproval helping the problem?

Why are we looking for more police, when our jails are over flowing?

You tell me, after all your training, YOU CANNOT WRITE? I say, how can you read if you cannot write? How can you write if you cannot read? Is reading, reading what somebody else said? Is writing communicating your understanding?

Have you ever seen somebody who does not want to get dirty? Any fucking excuse.

Do you know how long I've been "telling" my family about the importance of working together? We don't have to do everything together, but we must do at least one, Not for our own sake, but for the sake of "the family".

Falls on death ears. Our adults didn't do it and we're of that mentality or mind set. In response, all I hear is what they want to do, which has nothing to do with getting the family to where it needs to go. They believe they are adults and they should be able to do what they want and that makes them better able to contribute to the family. Chasing the dollar.

I've told them that shit does not work. You must put family first, then you can add family members and chase dollars. How or what other way can you balance anything, when you keep piling shit on to the unbalanced side? Now, we're all listening to the family member with the most money.

But because it's coming from me, a nobody in their eyes, they do not want to hear it. But they will follow some other Preacher to hell trying to do what "they" say.

Now, my family wants me to go through whatever training they went through to make them more unstable, but thinking they are stable?

I don't know how you could expect a third party to do for you, what you are not willing to do for yourself?

I know my weaknesses and I am working on them and right now the only thing holding me back is the money. Not a little money, but lots of money and it takes hard work and effort to get it, just like any other person with it. Remember, I said I am working.

We can do anything we put our heads and hearts to. We can do anything we need to, as long as we work together. But is that happening? There are two sides to every story. This is my side.

We can pull ourselves up out of poverty if we work together.

How is that? Poverty is a state of mind and a state of mind is a state of being. Why do I need a “third party to tell me that”?

Why do I need a third party to tell me to dig a garden and plant seeds, if I want to eat cheaper and "healthier"? This is the first and most important step to fighting "all" our problems, especially health.

Why do I need a third party to tell me, that a family who works together stays together? How else can you be a family if you do not do a “God Damn” thing together?

You see my parents taught me. Where is your sense of responsibility to family, job, role?

(((your inner

Why shout?

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