Why shout at me

Is it necessary? Are things changing for the good? You don't know how you sound?

Do you ever get tired of repeating yourself?

Why do you shout at me? I was asked that today. I was also accused. And I pleaded guilty to the charge of only shouting, with these comments:

Why do you shout at me? Then, why do you shout in church? Why do you shout at God?

My tone of voice? You say, it’s "my tone of voice” and I agree, but being nice got us here? When I met you everything was fine. You we excited, so you told me, over my ability to make good things happen. As we went along I talked about goal setting to make things happen, What goals have we set lately? What good things have we made happen? Everything I've started with you failed, but everything you started with me flourished. Do you even listen to me? Can you comprehend? Then, why should I listen to you?

For all these years, you never complained about the “White Man” shouting and beating your ass, but now, you want to address my issues. And I say, yes, I am angry and I am angry because “we” never do shit. Yeah, outside of fucking, “we do not do a God damn thing”.

Now, you want to tell me. Did we get too close? I think on my wife, who turn my children against me. I give her reason for doing it ten years, but why would you do it twenty years. When will you stop? Talking about anger now.

I think on "all" the dead in relationships I've had, well who was blamed. Okay, I take the blame for some of them, but I am not taking "all" the blame for "all" of them. I am not hearing that shit.

I enjoy working together, respecting and loving each other, just as well or more than the next person, but I am not taking all the blame.

You are surrounded by people who hate, people who will kill you, jail you, steal from you, lie, cheat and you ask me, WHY DO I SHOUT?

I tell you what, FIND SOMEONE BETTER.

Kids in a car, why does one yell at the other? Why don’t they nicely say to each other, whatever it is they’re yelling, arguing, complaining about?

When I talk nicely, you don’t "FUCKING" listen? Why can't, why don't we pull ourselves out of poverty? I guess that's my fault too. Why don't we work together? Why don't we clean up our communities? If "your" community is dirty, is your house dirty? Why can't we? Why does our value go down, while theirs go up? Why do you children struggle to keep up with theirs? Why don't we love everybody, no matter what?

I’ve spoken with politicians a few times and the nicer you are to them, the less you get. Am I competiting with special interest groups? Why should I have to remind you of what you’re not supposed to do and what you are supposed to do?

I get sick and tired of hearing all your belly aching, never enough money, shit always broken, contributions, politicians have a nice way of doing great things don't they, even though, they're not. Remember, that is where you were when I met your silly ass.

Education? Do you just let it go? Act like your husband didn't cheat on you? He didn't beat your ass? She's innovative and creative, when she won't even work in the garden? We're talking about being healthier now, in a time when disease and illness run rampart.

Why are not you suggesting to me how we can "together be successful and doing it"? How can we together "be better"? Is that too much to ask? Wake up and start sharing.

Hell, write me a letter. Tell me something great? Show me? Let's plan a trip to Africa, not to the neighboring town. Show me. I got nothing and you got nothing, now what?

People who don't shout, are they excused from oppression? Do they get along better socially and economically? The really really smart kids, do they do better in life?

Are we treating our seniors right? What you gone do? ARe you going to shout at them or keep allowing/accepting the SOS?

From where comes our worse kids, are they Preachers and Teachers?

What happens when you keep telling a person over and over again, repeating, pleading and the answer is always the same – nothing. You tell me it’s getting better, when all the time, it’s getting worse.

(((your inner voice.com)))

What I tell my family?

ARe you trying to keep up with the Jones's or are you riding your own ride?

Deeper and deeper in debt? Do you know the reality of Christmas? Is this the actual birthday of Jesus Christ? Do you know the truth? Or are you just repeating what "they said"? What "they wrote"? Deeper and deeper?

I am going to see how many gifts I get? Do people get tired of giving when they never get shit in return?

What are you getting? (((your inner voice.com)))

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