Difference Respect and Abuse

Why don't you feel the love and respect?

We all say we're doing this "love and respect" deal, but we just can't seem to find it for ourselves, why not?

We blame the men, children, system, everybody but ourselves and finally concluding "I must do me"? Yet, we honor the hell out of MLK and the likes of MLK?

So what is the difference between Love and REspect annnddd hatred, abuse, using and being gullible.

You know and we’ve already established “they” do not give a shit whether you live or die. However, they do give a shit whether or not you get up and go to work. The question is: For whom do you get up and go to work, why did you get up and would you do all of that for yourself?

Probably not because you have not been trained to “do for yourself”. We're trained to do for everyone else except ourselves.

If you do not have the energy and wherewithal to get up off your ass and create the kind of homes, neighbors, communities we're supposed to have, why would you feel the need to get up off your own ass and do your own work? On top of that you tell me to "GO BACK TO SCHOOL" due to cleverly placed barriers. Now, that 13 years spent in formal education for the same empty promise 300 years ago, the American Dream.

A diploma can't provide you with a job and especially, a job that does not exist. Do the consumer math, the number of students graduating versus the number of jobs available. 50,000 students graduating in any state equals ZERO JOBS available.

Now, you want to send those 50,000 to higher education... to over qualify for McDonalds, the only one hiring.

Does love and respect know about races, then love and respect one of these educated crackers, with a little money. Ask him to show you some love and respect for the shit you do.

That is a very real and critical question. Why do I see my success through them, my enemy? Why do I feel compelled to work for my enemy to pay him to live in his country. When did the free labor stop? They pay you $100 and take back $99. Is this land yours? You are scared of/for your good job.

This land is your land, this land is my land is bullshit. This land belongs to the status quo in America and you can't do shit legally without their permission. and that is why you pay so much for everything you need. You are their work force. Do you think they give a shit whether or not you have a job. Ask a Mexican or East Indian?

Doing for yourself. It takes discipline to wake your own ass up. Do you love and respect yourself? Why can’t you get up and do what you’re supposed to do? Doing what's available to you to do to earn your own income? In other words, why do you have to go out and find a "good job"? Don't you have sense enough to create your own job and sell your shit on the market just like everyone else? Is that why you do not know a damn thing about the market? Is it because they don't what you to know anything, above taking your sorry ass out for a "good job"?

How can you love and respect yourself, when you don't do a damn thing for yourself other than going out and getting a job? Then you raise up your children to do the same ole stupid shit,,,then have the nerve to wonder, what's going on with the economy? Is it the economy or your dumb ass? Does the economy cause us not to get along, or is that they do not want us to know how dumb and stupid we really are?

What else do you call a man, that all he can do is work for another man? Your parents were too dumb and stupid and you're getting worse. They used you to trick them. Saying, they educated your stupid ass against the wisdom and better judgement of your parents. And your parents agreed because they did not know any better. Working family members

They made education look so tempting by educating you to do absolutely nothing except be pitted against the uneducated. And now this education bullshit is out of control, what lie are you going to tell next. Do I not have a job because I can't read and write or is it because I neglected my job to do their job for a dollar a day. Who determines your salary? Do they pay you your worth? then why in the fuck do you keep working for ...how will you ever do anything, except get deeper and deeper in debt to their asses - sharecropping. Yes, I am saying all yall's asses with "good jobs" are fooling yourselves. If you weren't then our country would not be in economic and social decline. We would be prospering instead of going backwards. Our families would love and respect instead of hatred, crime and abuse. WE're taught to abuse each other.

Everything you do must be dictated to your dumb ass? The term for that is being "Gullible", tricked... otherwise we would be doing something they do not ever want us to do and that is WORK TOGETHER, family, friends and foe.

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