What about the written word?

Do you read and understand more than one book? Do you even understand the book you are reading?

Do you understand the plight of ALL people, is it any different than yours?

Is the book you are reading helping or hurting you and your economy? Does that make sense to you? Do you practice what you preach?

What are family values? Do they just apply to the family members you decide are worthy?

Is it better to read and understand a 500bc book, that's not helping you, you do not understand, only historically speaking, only certain people can practice it, a superior race? Why do you think God gave you a brain? We just couldn't quite think of things good enough, could we? You couldn't think of nice things to do for the people you love? What's wrong with being a people lover? What degree? Theology?

If all the other animals can figure it out, why do you need a book? Ask and answer to yourself these questions honestly? If it was not for that book, would the world fall into greater confusion and chaos? Would you not know what you are supposed to do? Would Muslims take over, Jews, who?

Treat people like you want to be treated, might not make us all perfect but there would be a lot less imperfection. -- your-inner-voice.com

What do you do when your heart is aching? Does anyone need to tell you for whom it aches for? Do you like to eat? Does anyone need to tell you who, what, when and where? Then, why is the majority of our population having so much trouble fighting obesity? Think about shit?

Is that how the Trans-Atlantic-Slave-Trade strived? Why is the President recommending, suggesting, encouraging, you go back to school? Did you miss something, like your paycheck? Whose creating jobs around here? Are they creating them for you? What happened to the 40acres and the mule? Is it getting better? Then, what must we do? If they are complaining about illegal immigrants have that directed their attention from you?

Am I saying all black people should do somthing together? Nothing violent, but just for old good time sake. I did not mean to overlook the plight of the American Indians, why they would be first to eat. Show them what would have happened if we really worked together? Forget about our history and make haste into our present. Just drop all them stupid acts? Why not the fourth of July? Now, that would be an Independece Day for all to celebrate.

Next year invite all the immigrants? KISS

(((your inner voice.com)))

Less have a Famine of the words

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