What do you want


Or is it What do you want to say and/or be?

I am thinking how hard it is to get what you want? Why all the confusion and chaos? Not sure what I am looking for at this time but friendship & intelligent communication is always a good start!! "I don't know, let's find out".

What do you want? What do you want to say and/or be? Does that include what would you like to do? What happens when you keep coming up with nothing but excuses?

Is it the right relationship? Do you seek great things for yourself? Are you seeking just for yourself? What’s the difference in all of this? What does it mean? A one sided relationship can only last so long and the older we get, the quicker it ends.

I am fed up! I am too fed up to apply for most of what’s being offered today and even more I suffer. I want to push the button. Again and again, I ask myself those questions as I am in the washing machine of the world around me, times of crisis. Everything is in crisis, confusion and chaos. You name it and it is there and until, nobody gets what they want.

I feel helpless as I can see the button to stop the machine, but I’m just not in position to push it. Is that reality or just another excuse? I ask, tell, and shout to others to push it, but nobody responds, as if there are more important things to do. We are forever asking what do you want? What do you want to say and be? Everyone, I think in position has that excuse, as we continue tumbling out of control in confusion, chaos and crisis. How can you get what you want with all that going on?

Here is how we all can get what we want? Where is the intelligent conversation? If I don't push the button, why not you?

One by one, we must First PUSH THE BUTTON to stop the crisis machine. Then, we must offer a helping hand to all desiring to get off.

Life is driven by the desire for success. We want our lives to count for something. We have our idea what it means to be significant, and we work hard to reach our goals.

When you ask me, what do I want; I want to make my way over and push the button to stop crisis, confusion and chaos. I can’t get there fast enough. When my machine stops, I want an HFR to help others, who may push the button.

Take action now. Join me here in pushing the button?

(((your inner voice.com)))

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