What does his wife think

How you gon lead her into it?

Is she as useless, dumb and stupid as you make her out to be?

Why you using us? Are you still blaming your blackness or stupidity?

A disgrace to all people, why do you call yourself Black? What would you say to Bernie Madoff? You see now, what they think about your monkey ass? Not the media, but them women your sorry ass Perpetrated? If my kids or anyone for that matter ever read this, I would hope they see the truth.

Man KNOW THYSELF. Knowing all you knew about yourself, why in the sam hell would you run for President of the USA? Why would you set yourself and everybody else up for failure trying to get what you wanted?

And it is not only herman cain, but bill clinton, newt gingrich Leads Mitt Romney, clarence thomas..., what is it, is it the good old boy network?

ARe you 999ing everybody else, but it's okay for you. Did your wife believe that shit? What about your women on the side, were they even loyal to your Tiger Woods ass? What kind of advice would you give Tiger Woods right now? Even more importantly, your own children? Are you no different than the same people you complain about. Crabs in a basket!

Lying, cheating and stealing is okay for you, but it's a crime for me and to me. Is that a double standard?

What does your Wife think now? Do you think I know? Is your business in the streets?

What does his wife think? What does she think? It’s Christmas time and now, not only you, but the whole world now know. Everything you’ve been hiding, holding in, now the whole world knows your husband is a liar and a cheater. Does that make him any different than the lowest man on the totem poll? Do you deserve to be with the most respected?

How is the black man going down? He is Black isn't he? How you gone be more than a Pizza Boy, where is the 999?

Do you think President OBAMA deserve a second term? Because of all the embarrashment you cause, would you even give him your support or will you turn it over to more good old boys like you? Are you still stupid?

I don’t care if you Bill or Herman, cheat. If you cheat on the world you will cheat on your wife. You are supposed to be better, in your own words, by your own admission, than them.

The Poor man, Poverty, Welfare? Health care and all about how, Obama is “no good”.

Where is your Allegiance, is it to America or Isreal? ARe you Black or Jew or Black Jew? Forget race, you done forgot about that. People like you set us back another 400 years.

Economic and Social decline, you are the epitome of both. It's not about your money or inability to be perfect, it's your dirty character. It your gross disrepect for family, loyalty and dedication, without, how can you lead.

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Were they dead before they died? Coping with a loss

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