Coping with loss of a love one

A real sensitive subject for people, but when you really think about things, what in the hell did you do while they were here?

You talk about playing mind games! You are talking about a people who had a chance to make a good difference, but they chose otherwise.

Then, when it comes right down to your monkey ass, you start feeling sorry for yourself. And that is a fact.

Had you done what you were supposed to, you wouldn't be grieving now. Accidents do happen but I'm talking about the Big Picture.

Death is as much apart of life as living, why are you so scared to let go. You came into this world alone and you know you are going to leave alone. Why are you going to sit around and mourn about a loss of a love one?

If they were doing what they were supposed to, then it would be and honorable death. They would not want you to sit around and mourn. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but aren’t we headed the wrong way with coping with the loss of a love one? Don’t you know already? Are you preparing yourselves? Is that the problem?

I don’t care how close or the nature of your relationship, mommy, daddy, baby, good, bad, hubby, grandma/pa, we are all going to die and we know it is coming when we least expect it. Then, you want to act like you did not? It is going to be a surprise. It would not do for you to know. So why are you doing that? Why are we doing that? Honorable deaths now.

Is because we start and fight so many wars? Is it to hide the fact that we kill so many people unnecessarily every day? That is a fact.

Now, due to your own negligence and ignorance, coping with death has become big business, just like being born.

Live that way! LIve like death is at your doorstep.

(((your inner

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