What makes one commit a crime

I mean acts of violence, violent crimes committed in our homes and neighborhoods? Domestic violence

You say I write about the same old shit, but when will it sink in? Do you see yourself in the news - homicides? Is that one human being killing another?

Self-defense, well how did it get started? does two wrongs make a right? How do you explain that? Why did you allow it to build up that way? How do you teach "conflict resolution"?

Most crimes are committed over nothing, something stupid. When we failed to find weapons of mass destruction?

Is it desperation? What if one group of people desperately turned on the next, not because they were guilty but because of your desperation?

Do you really need the money that bad? Did they make you so angry? Is revenge yours? Couldn't you find a peaceful way out?

Crimes of passion, how can that be? How can you love one and hate another? How can you be so dumb as to think your lover wants to die at your hands? It’s amazing how that thing between your legs makes your brain waves flow.

Hate crimes? How can you live hating anybody?

Crimes of greed? Why don’t you sit your greedy ass down?

An abusive childhood.

People lying everywhere, on who can you depend? Religion, land, crimes over turf are the most common.

What if every time you got into a dispute, it was settled with a weapon? Do you know what's a coward? Can you be the change in the world you want to see?

How can you tell people to reduce crime, when you're steady committing it? What's your reason and logic? When you look back, was it really worth it? Can domestic violence be avoided?

Domestic violence is a known criminal and it all starts at home and when they are small.

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Victims of abuse at the hands of YOUR own children.

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