What have Black Folk done for America 2009

What does that say to Africans in America?

What made you want to come to this website?

I welcome a diversified audience and even those who despise me for who they think I am. I revel in the number of different countries and cultures that visit my little old “tryin to be” website.

The other day, I was talking with a few migrant workers, who happened to be Mexican, working in America. I never asked if they were legal or not and really that does not concern me, because they are here and just like the others, there is nothing I can do about it.

You know, talking with different ethnic groups can be very educational, revealing things you never knew or thought about yourself. He said he was here for, “The American Dream. That no other country would allow him or them the success he has experienced, that there is no better country to achieve that dream and America is the Greatest Country in The World, Thank you America! ”. He justified the importance of the Mexican labor force to America by saying, “Best work, cheapest price, faster. Everything you touch, we touched first. We ain’t going nowhere”.

Boy, that made me stand back and take notice – why am I here. I have lived here all my life and it seems the white folk, some of them any way, are still more determined than ever to commit genocide, ethnic cleansing and hate crimes against black people. Now, you can say, all of that is in my mine, but it got there for a reason. Not holding a grudge, I personally think racism of the old days is over, but there are still a few “good old boys” who have not gotten the message.

So I started to think, “Them Mexicans have got it figured out”. Now, what have black people got figured out? Always last to learn, let me start with myself:

    The best way to answer the question, what have African-Americans done for America, is to ask, What have not African-Americans done for America. I would like to point out a few things that white folk, some of them, seem to want to forget or ignore.

  1. I am not looking for pity, but the fact remains that African-Americans, from their arrival in America until present day America, have suffered and persevered gross emotional, mental and physical abuse, yet we graciously remain in every facet of the American economy. African-Americans have made the greatest and the ultimate sacrifice for America.

  2. We did not ask to be brought here and we ain’t going nowhere, as matter of fact, we are going to stay right here on your ass until you rot in hell or make amends for all the gross atrocities committed against African-Americans, before, during and after slavery. Art Thomas is not saying this, God is. You shall reap what you sow. All your money, trickery and weapons can not save you and you cannot save yourselves. The ones who committed such hate crimes and gross atrocities will be held accountable, the same as you holding Sadam Hussein accountable. From a slavery perspective, you are no better. I am speaking from the voices of slavery. Whatever “they” went through was not in vain, But you are through! You are done.

  3. Slave labor was and still is being used to help America be what she is today and African-Americans know what is going on and we have not forgotten. How could we?

  4. Since slavery they have challenged Black Americans in every ridiculous way possible and in spite of our mastery, they have done everything to negate African-Americans from being treated, with any sense of dignity and respect. Why should they? However, “they” do have their tokens. No matter what we did, it was never good enough. Like the ants, we remain consistent and persistent.

  5. We have no public enemies, but in every war, you have made your enemies our enemies – remember Cassuis Clay. Even, in wars defending slavery, we fought with you because the battlefield was more attractive than your cotton fields.

  6. Though Africans in America have done everything for America, but because of slave mentalities, “they” will not acknowledge the facts. Slavery is one way “they” have gotten so rich. Tricking Native Americans was another.

    If Africans in America survived in places like the Massai Mara and we survived the boat ride, from Africa to America, What does that tell you about what Africans in America have and still is doing for America? Why did you bring us over here? In many cases, we do not have the where-with-all to do any different.

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