They, Who is They

You know “they” are a very clever people?

They…"The white folk" I am talking about, in America. They are the most racist, arrogant, self-serving, ruthless, and evil cowards on the face of the earth. They are the “Devil’s advocates”. To help disguise their evil intentions and greed to the rest of the world, they call themselves, “White Folk, Caucasian…”, but they are not.

They are not true Americans and they have no love or respect for this land, but immigrants from other countries, coming here siding as white folk to help exploit valuable resources and calling it the American Dream.

There is nothing in this country for free, except slave labor.

Interesting point: You pay 5 Mexicans to do the work of two African-Americans, so where is the savings? The real question is, “Why don’t you do your own work”?

I love all folk, but the facts remain. “They” will put any other ethnicity before African-Americans to further the exploitation of slave labor. They are getting what they want, while African-Americans are being exploited.

your inner

The American Dream, what can we do about that?

Your latest statement is very offensive, you cannot tar every white person with the same brush - who is the racist here??????????

There are many black people who are as equally as bad, unfortunately you are not like me, color blind. I suspect this comment is based on your own experience.....................what about forgiveness? what about loving thy neighbor? I am sure other white friends you have feel the same as I do...............shame on you Art.--

Well, my sister, you have a very good point and it is well taken, but what good does that do for the exploitation of blacks in America? That is what I am exposing. I am just telling what's going on, from my prespective. Who they are exactly, I do not know, but I do know this: It has to come to a halt. “They” are white and their racist behavior is tolerated by whites. Further, they invite other ethnicities/immigrants to help them carry out their evil acts and they go unchecked. These immigrants come over, acting as they are ignorant and innoncent, while contributing to evil acts. Why can not they generate the same opportunities at home? Because they are not willing to suffer the consequence African-Americans did to help ourselves and this country, only to be ignored.

Even further, "they" will use money, especially tokens; and any other means possible to help disguise their indecent behavior.

At this stage of this process, all I can say is, “If the shoe fits, wear it”. I am working for a better day and the only way I know to do this is open it up for good discussion. ~ Art

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