What’s right with people these days?

You know, for a long time, I was afraid to ask that question, for fear I was wrong and everybody else was right.

But it is time to say something, to speak up. Time and experience has taught me that people are not happy with themselves, no matter how good they look. In most cases, the better looking, the more severe the case. Just look at Michael Jackson and the doctor, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Madoff,… In each of those cases, I could have helped, only if they had contacted me. I am serious and I am sure you feel the same way.

Rehab and Jail houses are running over. Poor service in department stores. Depressing medical help! Yesterday, I went to the doctor and the Dr. was more depressed and depressing than me? Her attitude was terrible, plus she was hacking and coughing. Up at the front desk hung a sign that read, "Cover your Cough", "Wash your hands and in seconds help stop the spread of disease..." Now, when she finished examining me, she washed her hands! Housing? Clothes, can you believe some people dress the way they do, in public? I am not talking about normal people, these are people with MONEY AND SMARTS! I can not believe you paid that much for that dress? Shoes? Purse? Hat?

Hatred? Racism? Corruption? Insurance? Gas? Water? Religious wars? Depressing news, the economy and on top of all that, it looks like we are dead set on depressing each other right out of this world. Who can you trust? Well, that is depressing. A guy got busted for a pound of marijuana. A sting operation, a warrant, I do not know how many police suited up, how many police cars gas, guns and bullets???? all for a pound of marijuana. And just go across state lines and it's legal.

Here's one more: Driving while on your cell phone??? What about driving while texting? How quick we will put the lives of others in danger? What are your limits? Do we have anyone, in a leadership position, with enough balls to tell people to kindly pull over when on the phone? Common sense, what is happening to common sense? We got a "click it or ticket", but...

These are not poor people suffering with extreme cases of confusion and depression, these are affluent people, people who usually ignore and look down upon poor people, these are people you and I are depending upon to lead us to safety.

I beg to be different! Further, I have the nerve to want to help myself and someone else, who wants to be different. I want to make a good difference. That's why I have this website.

You’ll please help me be different. I know you did not ask, but just take a look at the possibilities.

your inner voice.com

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